Hungary: Nationalists Split from Jobbik, form New Party

The nationalist wing of the Jobbik party in Hungary has broken away under its former Vice President and world-famous nationalist László Toroczkai to form a new party named “Our Homeland.” Read more »

Hungary Election: 72 Percent Vote against Mass Third World Invasion

The Hungarian national elections held on April 8, 2018, saw voters return Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party to government with a two-thirds majority, the nationalist Jobbik party emerge as the country’s second largest... Read more »

Hungarian MP: “Ban Homo Propaganda from Cinemas”

Hungarian nationalist Jobbik Member of Parliament and deputy delegation leader Dóra Dúró has announced that she would ban homosexual propaganda in cinemas, and opposes homo marriage, civil unions and homo adoption. Read more »

Jobbik Leader Maps out New Strategy to Boost Party

The leader of Hungary’s nationalist Jobbik party has vowed to pursue a “Hungary for the Hungarians” platform in the run-up to the next election on policies which will include halting immigration, setting... Read more »

Hungarian Anti-invasion Law Fails

The Hungarian government’s attempt to amend the constitution to outlaw the forced placing of invader-refugees by the European Union failed after it was unable to raise the required two-thirds majority in Parliament.... Read more »

Invasion “Quota”: Jobbik Backs Govt.

Hungary’s nationalist Jobbik party has announced that it will back the government’s proposed constitutional amendment to prevent the European Union from forcing invaders into that country. Jobbik president Gábor Vona said that... Read more »

Hungary Votes No to Invasion

More than 90 percent of Hungarians who participated in Sunday’s referendum have rejected the European Union’s “refugee distribution” plan—setting the stage for a dramatic clash in Brussels which could cause the EU... Read more »

Hungary: 53% of Millennials Support Jobbik

Around 53 percent of all millennials—those aged between fifteen and thirty-four years old—support the Jobbik party in Hungary, up from just 9 percent in 2012, a new study has shown. The report, produced... Read more »

Top Jew Slams Euro Patriots

President of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) Moshe Kantor has slammed everyone who opposes the overrunning of Europe by nonwhite invaders as promotors of “hatred and intolerance.” Kantor specifically listed Germany’s AfD, Slovakia’s... Read more »

“Eau-de-Budapest” in Vienna

In a striking show of European solidarity last week, pepper spray—dubbed “Eau-de-Budapest”—was distributed to grateful female passersby in central Vienna, Austria, by the deputy leader of Hungary’s Jobbik party, Előd Novák, and... Read more »

Ózd, Hungary: How all Towns Should Be

The Hungarian town of Ózd has just completed its first year under Jobbik party leadership—and has turned out to be a shining example of what European society should look like, with extensive development... Read more »

Local Elections: Jobbik is now Hungary’s Second Largest Party

Local elections earlier this month have confirmed that nationalists Jobbik are now Hungary’s second largest party, an analysis of results has confirmed. Read more »