France to Deport All “Criminal” Illegals: Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that his government will start deporting all illegal invaders convicted of a crime back to their home nations. Read more »

France: Fake “Conservatives” Step Up

The French establishment will choose one of two fake “conservatives” to put up against the Front National’s Marine le Pen in the 2017 presidential election: Alain Juppé, a convicted embezzler who had... Read more »

Socialists, Conservatives, Ally against FN

France’s Socialist Party has formally allied with the Conservatives to try and prevent the Front National’s (FN) Marine and Marion le Pen from personally winning during the second round of regional elections... Read more »

World Jews: “Stop the FN”

The World Jewish Congress’s official French affiliate, the Representative Council of French Jewry (CRIF), has issued a hysterical demand to the French public to “block” Marine le Pen’s Front National (FN) at... Read more »

Front National Becomes France’s Largest Party

* Front National leads in at least six regions; * Triples its vote from 2010, now largest single party in France; It was expected, and now it’s official: France’s Front National (FN)... Read more »