The now annual New Year’s Eve car arson rampage in France’s major cities—carried out by gangs of nonwhite invaders for “fun”—saw at least 945 vehicles burned out, a 17 percent increase over the previous year’s “festivities.”

Police in Melbourne, Australia, have arrested five Muslims—four Australian-born Lebanese, and one Egyptian-born, all legal immigrants—for planning a series of massive attacks in the city on Christmas Day.

Given current racial demographic predictions, whites in America will go into an absolute decline within 14 years, and slip into minority status only a few years after that—unless Third World immigration is halted, and reversed—and whites start having children.

Of the 650,000 “immigrants” who entered Britain in the first six months of 2016, at least 289,000 came from outside Europe—and only 284,000 from inside the European Union, new data from the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) has shown. The data also showed that the vast majority of “non-EU nationals” are not working and appear to be on welfare.

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has given one of the clearest indications yet of what his policy toward the fake refugee invasion is going to be with a tweet announcing that the Somali Ohio attacker “should never have been” in the U.S.

Police in Germany have swooped on at least 200 addresses linked to the Muslim group “The True Religion” (Die wahre Religion, DWR), set up by nonwhite invaders living legally in that country. The Muslim group has proven links with terrorist bombers and ISIS fighters, and is under the leadership of a Palestinian who immigrated to Germany in 1982.

Donald Trump’s victory is soured by the fact that he 1 million fewer votes than Mitt Romney, and around 150,000 fewer votes than Hilary Clinton—and was only saved by the skewed Electoral College system combined with a smaller nonwhite voter turnout. As of 9:45 AM ET, Clinton had polled 59,248,278 votes to Trump’s 59,095,507 votes, which reveals the racial undertone of the election.

Three more nonwhite invaders with German nationality have been jailed for joining up with Jihadists in Syria, underlining the danger of legal Third World immigration to Europe. A court in North Rhine-Westphalia last week jailed Fadil Rudolf S., 26, Mohamed A. 24, and Mustafa P., 26, for going to Syria and receiving training from ISIS, before returning to Germany.

Even though there are 1.3 million unemployed people in Canada, that country’s government has announced that it seeks a further 300,000 “immigrants” into the country next year. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister John McCallum told reporters that the new number “lays the foundation for future growth in immigration targets.”

Hillary Clinton-supporting and ISIS-funding Saudi Arabia has announced a racially-based immigration policy which includes a rule that non-Saudis who marry Saudis will never gain citizenship and will always remain foreigners, as will their children. The new policy flies in the face of the leftist worldview propagated by Clinton, whose foundation has received over $25 million in donations from the Saudi government.

There are currently over 42 million legal and illegal “immigrants” in America. They make up 23 percent of school kids, 30 percent of “families in poverty,” 33 percent of those without health insurance, have almost no education, and the largest percentage immigration increase is from Muslim nations.

The news that the Turk mall mass shooter Arcan Cetin voted in several elections, even though he is not a U.S. citizen—has highlighted the mass voter fraud rampant throughout the U.S. electoral system. Cetin, whose rampage in a Washington mall killed five people, faked his voter registration and participated in several elections, according to voter fraud group “True the Vote.”

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is trying to rush citizenship applications in a bid to affect the presidential election outcome against Donald Trump, a leaked internal memo has revealed. A Texas immigration office demanded volunteers to work weekends to get as many people onto the citizenship rolls as possible to give them enough time to register to vote in November.

Three Sikhs—legal immigrants to the U.K.—have been put on trial in Britain for smuggling dozens of fellow nonwhites into that country by letting them use their legally-issued British passports. A court heard that border officials are unable to spot the difference between the nonwhites using the passports because they all look so similar—and because Sikhs are allowed to wear turbans in their passport photographs, unlike everybody else.

The car belonging to the leader of Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party has been fire-bombed just 12 hours before voting began in Berlin elections, where that party is expected to break through into the city’s state legislature. The attack follows weeks of public incitement against the AfD by establishment politicians, terrified at the party’s recent electoral successes.

A wave of ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks have swept the United States, including pipe bombs in New Jersey, pressure cooker bombs in New York City, and an “Allah Akbar” stabbing attack in Minnesota, all over the space of 24 hours. Unless Europeans act politically, the mass nonwhite invasion will only increase—and attacks such as those which have occurred in the U.S. this past weekend will inevitably become more common.

Donald Trump has warned that the 2016 presidential election is going to be the last election that the Republicans can win, because a Hillary Clinton presidency will legalize millions of illegal immigrants and grant them the vote.
What Trump is saying is that a Clinton victory will mean that this is the last election in which white Americans will be able to determine the outcome.

There are at the very minimum 180 ISIS-trained terrorists at loose inside Germany, in addition to the 400 investigations underway against invaders posing as refugees, the head of the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA), has said. Holger Münch said that his agency was aware of at least 850 legally resident “immigrants” in Germany who had left the country to go and fight for ISIS.

Three nonwhites—two legal immigrants, and a “refugee” from Iraq—have been arrested by British police for preparing a chemical bomb attack and a Paris-style massacre. The two legal immigrants, aged 19 and 20, are brothers, while the Iraqi “refugee” has been named as 19-year-old Ali Esayed, originally from Mosul, Iraq, and who “arrived” in the UK in 2007 as a “refugee” with his parents and sisters.