Lesbos, Greece: Police Remove Afghan Invaders after Clashes in Town Center

Greek police have been forced to remove several thousand Afghan invaders who had taken over the central square in Mitilini, the capital of the island of Lesbos, following physical clashes between locals... Read more »

EU-Turkey Deal: “Refugee” Lie

The Angela Merkel-EU “deal” with Turkey to take back “refugees” landing in Greece has inadvertently exposed the lie behind the nonwhite invasion—because it means that Turkey is a “safe” country and there... Read more »

Moroccans and Algerians Swarm into Greece

Up to 4,500 nonwhite invaders are still swarming into Greece via the islands around Lesbos every day, even at the height of the European winter—and increasing numbers are from Morocco and Algeria,... Read more »