UK’s BBC Offers Jobs to Nonwhites Only

In yet another indication of the British establishment’s rapid slide to open anti-white hatred, that country’s taxpayer-funded state broadcaster, the BBC, has started advertising jobs to “non-white ethnic minority” backgrounds only, specifically... Read more »

“Church Arson Hate” Exposed as Fake

The November “church-burning intimidation hate crime” in Greenville, Mississippi, which was widely claimed to be the work of “white supremacists,” has been exposed as yet another fake hate crime after the arrest... Read more »

Whites Blamed for Black Slums

South Africa’s Pretoria branch of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) has blamed whites because black residents have turned the formerly pristine city center into what local media called a “crime and... Read more »

“No Land for Whites in Zimbabwe” Says Mugabe

Whites will never be allowed to own land in Zimbabwe, that country’s president Robert Mugabe has announced, adding that the few remaining white farmers still there “must go.” Mugabe’s latest racist anti-white... Read more »