More than 15,000 Fake Refugees Return Home from Libya this Year, Reports UN

More than 15,000 nonwhites pretending to be refugees seeking to parasite off Europe’s welfare handouts have given up and gone home with financial assistance from the European Union, a report from the... Read more »

Nonwhite Invaders Forced off Ship in Libya after 12-Day Standoff

The approximately 100 nonwhite invaders who failed in their attempt to invade Europe from Libya and were picked up from their sinking boat by a passing container ship going to back to... Read more »

EU, UN, Nigeria “Speed up” Returns from Libya

The European Union, the United Nations, and the Nigerian government are to “speed up” the repatriation of Nigerians from Libya—thereby inadvertently proving that there is no “refugee crisis” but only a determined... Read more »

UN Ships 19,0000 Africans Home

The United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM) will have shipped 19,000 Africans home from Libya—all of whom were hoping to invade Europe pretending to be “refugees”—proving conclusively that there is no... Read more »

EU to Ship 10,000 from Libya to Europe

At least 10,000 Africans pretending to be refugees will get a free ride across the Mediterranean straight to Europe courtesy of the European Union in the next few months, the Italian government... Read more »

No “Migrant Crisis”: UN Ships Africans Home

Thousands of African would-be invaders of Europe are being flown home from their invasion launch pads in Libya, courtesy of the United Nations—conclusive proof that there is no “migrant crisis,” as the... Read more »

African Slave Traders in Libya

Africans from Nigeria and Ghana—and not only Arabs—are actively running the slave trade in Libya, a former slave who escaped their clutches and fled back home, has revealed. Read more »

Arab Slave Trade in Blacks Still Going Strong

The Arab slave trade in black Africans—which lasted for over a thousand years and which far exceeded the Trans-Atlantic slave in numbers—is still going strong, as shown by new details of recent... Read more »

West’s Toppling of Gaddafi Caused African Invasion

Libyan Member of Parliament and former president of that body, Abu Bakr Baira, has admitted that any control the Libyan state had over the swarms of Africans invading Europe across the Mediterranean... Read more »

The Meaning of Brexit

The right wing capitalist Tories and the so-called ‘Left’ (Labour) support the remain campaign. How is it possible that the ‘Right’ and the ‘Left’ or shall we say, money and labour, support... Read more »

Hilary Clinton “Worked with Muslim Brotherhood”

As Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton supported the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood against Libya’s Qaddafi government, it has been revealed. According to US Rear Admiral Charles R. Kubic, Clinton met with Muslim Brotherhood leaders... Read more »

Libya Refuses to Take Back Invaders

The Libyan president Fayez al-Sarraj has refused to take back any of the invaders who have crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, saying that they are the European Union’s problem. Speaking in a... Read more »

Invasion and the Wrecking of Libya

The African invasion of Europe across the Mediterranean Sea has been caused by the British and French governments’ wrecking of the Gadhafi regime in Libya—and is now also being aided by Libyan... Read more »

Italy Now Focus for Invasion

Italy is fast becoming the new focus for the nonwhite invasion of Europe following the closing of the Balkans route, with European Union Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini warning that over half a... Read more »

Clinton: Israel Helps Syria “Rebels”

Israel has actively supported “Syrian rebels” as part of a wider US-Israeli strategy to destabilize the Arab world, new revelations from the Hilary Clinton email archive have confirmed. The emails reveal Clinton’s... Read more »

UK “Asylum Seeker” Jailed for Terror

A Muslim imam “asylum seeker” living in North Wales, Britain, was jailed this week for six years after being found guilty of a terror plot involving an £18.6 million ($28.6 million) arms... Read more »

Syria: Supporting Terrorists Causes “Refugee” Crisis

Syrian President Bashar Assad has told Russian Television (RT) that Europe is “not dealing with the cause” of the current “refugee” crisis because they are continuing to support terrorists in Syria who... Read more »