754 Violent Attacks Every Day in Majority Nonwhite London

Official police statistics from the UK’s capital city—which became majority nonwhite nearly a decade ago—have revealed that there are at least 754 violent attacks there every day, and that crime overall is... Read more »

Majority Nonwhite London Sees 43% Increase in Underground Train Violence: Official Figures

Britain’s capital city of London has continued its inevitable slide into Third World chaos with the news that there has been a 43 percent rise in violent crimes committed on the city’s... Read more »

Third World Invasion to Destroy English

The ongoing Third World invasion of Britain will cause the “th” sound to vanish completely from the English language in London by the year 2066, linguistic experts have claimed. There are so... Read more »

Air China Warns of Nonwhite Crime in London

Air China's inflight magazine has advised its passengers to avoid the Indian, Pakistani, and black areas of London, and said that women should never go out alone for fear of being attacked.... Read more »

UK: Massive Nonwhite Vote Fraud

There were at least 665 cases of electoral fraud in the UK last year, all of them among the Pakistani and Bangladeshi colonizers of Britain—and the authorities are too scared to do... Read more »

African Mayhem in Central London

At least 4,000 Africans chanting “black lives matter” and other anti-white racial epithets rioted in London’s famous Hyde Park last night. Several blacks were stabbed, at least five police officers were... Read more »

FGM Savagery Increasing in UK

More than 1,200 cases of female genital mutilation have been recorded in England in the first three months of 2016, an indication that the Third World colonization of that country is proceeding... Read more »

Brexit is Irrelevant to Britain’s Future

The June 23 vote on British membership of the European Union is meaningless to the UK’s future—because longstanding immigration policies will have plunged Britain into minority white and Third World status by... Read more »

London: “Too Many White Men”: London’s Nonwhite Mayor

In one of the most blatant recent displays of anti-white racism, the UK Labour Party’s nonwhite candidate for London mayor has said that there are “too many white men” working for the... Read more »

London Crashing into Nonwhite Nightmare

The British capital city of London is rapidly crashing into a nightmare, filled with Third World criminals: Turkish gangsters, African crime gangs, Gypsy vagrants, Vietnamese and Caribbean drug dealers—and where white people... Read more »

Communist Thugs Riot in London

A large gang of “refugee”-supporting, communist thugs have rioted in London overnight, after police raided their drug-filled rave dubbed “Scumoween” in a disused building in the south of Britain’s capital city. According... Read more »

London Local Election Results Show that Nonwhites Hate UKIP Despite Farage’s Multiracial Propaganda

Last Thursday's local election results in Britain—in which the UK Independence Party (UKIP) took at least 163 seats (up from two) and polled around 23 percent of the vote—have revealed that nonwhites... Read more »

Why Do Third Worlders Loot at Disaster Scenes?

Why do Third Worlders loot at disaster scenes? This is the question observers are asking after it emerged that Kenyan soldiers looted the Westgate Mall in the aftermath of the recent terrorist... Read more »