Nonwhite Crime Overruns US Cities

Black and Hispanic crime—often drug- and gang-related—resulted in at least 1,044 homicides and over 5,742 shootings in Los Angeles and Chicago alone in 2016—an average of 3 murders and 15 shootings per... Read more »

“Anti-Violence” Program is “Racist”

An Obama program to “curb violent extremism” has been attacked as “falsely legitimizing hostility” against Somalis—because it seeks to stop that community, and no one else, from embracing terrorism. The establishment has... Read more »

LA County to “Hide” Invaders

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has voted to “protect” the data and identities of the over one and half million illegal invaders in order to prevent them being deported by... Read more »

LAPD Chief: We Won’t Help Trump

The chief of police in Los Angeles has announced that his department will not help a Donald Trump administration enforce immigration laws, saying that the federal government will “have to do that... Read more »

Mexicans Charged in Race War against Blacks

Seven members of a notorious Mexican street gang operating in Los Angeles have been charged in an indictment unsealed this week for their role in targeting blacks in an escalation of the... Read more »

Chicago: 8 Shootings a Day

There have been eight shootings per day in Chicago from January to March 2016, resulting in 135 homicides—an increase of 71 percent over the same period last year. The statistics, released by the... Read more »