Second Group of Fake “Refugees” Leaves Manus Island for US

A second group of 58 nonwhite invaders pretending to be “refugees” have departed Australia’s offshore detention centres for the US, joining the first group of 54 who have been rewarded for their... Read more »

PNG Police Act against Manus Island Invaders

The Papua New Guinea (PNG) police have stared forcibly removing would be invaders of Australia—whose claims to “refugee” states are so bogus that not even liberals could believe them—who have barricaded themselves... Read more »

Sri Lanka Takes Back Fake Refugees from Manus Island

The Sri Lankan government has announced that it is making arrangements to ship back over one hundred of its nationals currently holding out in the closed Manus Island detention center after their... Read more »

Australia Says “No” to NZ Offer to Take Manus Invaders

The Australian government has formally turned down an official offer from the far-left New Zealand government to “take in” at least 150 of the nonwhite invaders currently blockading themselves in the close... Read more »

Manus Island Standoff: PNG Army Might Force Invaders to Leave

More than 600 illegal invaders—whose claim to “asylum” was so bogus that not even the race-denying Australian government could be convinced that they were genuine—have refused to leave the Manus Island detention... Read more »

Manus Island Chaos Looms as Invader Camp Closes

Chaos is looming in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Manus Island detention camp—built to house nonwhites who attempted to illegally invade Australia—as its closing day, October 31, approaches, with inmates barricading themselves... Read more »

PNG to Deport 166 Fake Asylum Seekers

The Papua New Guinea (PNG) government has been authorized by that country’s Supreme Court to deport 166 “non-refugees” currently being held at the Manus Island detention center—after their “applications for amnesty” were... Read more »

Papua New Guinea to Deport 168 “Non-Refugees”

Papua New Guinea has started deporting back to their country of origin at least 168 illegal invaders from Iran, Iraq, Nepal, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and India—confirming that nationals from all... Read more »

Australia-U.S. Fake Refugee “Deal” in Doubt Once Again

U.S. President Donald Trump has announced that the previously agreed “deal” whereby America would absorb all the illegal invaders being held in the offshore Australian detention centers, is “dumb”—and that he would... Read more »

Trump Agrees to Take Fake Refugees from Australia

U.S. President Donald Trump has agreed to take in the approximately 2,000 Third World invaders pretending to be refugees, currently held in detention camps on the Pacific islands of Nauru and Manus,... Read more »

Manus Island Invaders to Be Deported

The refugee-fakers being held on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG), after unsuccessfully trying to invade Australia by boat, will all be deported back to their home countries within the next few... Read more »

WA Premier Offers to Host Manus Invaders

The “conservative” premier of Western Australia has offered to take in the 1,350 nonwhite invaders currently detained at the Manus detention center in Papua New Guinea, after it was announced that the... Read more »

Manus Island Closure Crisis

The invader center set up by the Australian government at Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG), is to be closed after that country’s Supreme Court ruled it to be illegal. The center’s closure... Read more »

Australia: 28,290 Invaders “Unprocessed”

Some 28,290 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees who entered Australia prior to 2010 have still not been “processed,” it has emerged. According to a report by Radio Australia, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton... Read more »