Mass African “Refugee” Sex Attack in Freiburg

A mass attack by seventeen African “refugee”-invaders on two white women in the German town of Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, has become the latest nonwhite sex attack to rock that country following the Angela... Read more »

Invader Sex-Crime Plague Detailed

The serious extent of the criminal nonwhite invader sex plague imported into Germany has been highlighted with the news that there has been one serious sex attack inside the “refugee” camps every... Read more »

“Refugee” Sex Attack—in Massachusetts

A 22-year-old “Syrian asylum seeker” has been arrested in Lowell, Massachusetts, just two months after arriving in the US, for a sex attack on a 13-year-old girl at a public swimming pool,... Read more »

New Mass Nonwhite Sex Attack in Sweden

A new mass nonwhite sex attack on white girls has taken place at two open air music festivals in Sweden this weekend—but so far only one Swedish newspaper has dared to report... Read more »

Invader Sex Attacks Spur “Rape Protector”

The ongoing mass sex attacks on white women by the hordes of criminal nonwhite invaders pouring into Europe has spurred the invention of a modern steel belt “rape protector.” The device—an inconspicuous steel... Read more »

New Mass Invader Sex Attack in Germany

At least 26 German women were subjected to a new and coordinated mass sex attack by nonwhite invaders posing as refugees at an open-air music festival in the German town of Darmstadt.... Read more »

The Face of the Invader

This face is the personification of the nonwhite invasion of Europe: the Algerian “asylum seeker” who is the first to be charged with sex offences after the events on New Year’s Eve... Read more »

Police Tell Swedish Women: “Don’t Go Outside”

A surge in nonwhite invader sex attacks and assaults has forced police in the Swedish city of Östersund to advise women not to go outdoors alone. National broadcaster SVT reports what police area... Read more »

Cologne is “Every Day”

Nonwhite invader rape and sex attacks are now so common in Germany that the events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve have become “every day,” according to a Google maps website set... Read more »

Germany: Sex Attacks Force Pool Segregation

The rate of nonwhite invader sex attacks on girls and children at the public swimming pool in Norderstdet, Schleswig-Holstein, is now so high that the authorities have instituted sex-segregated swimming times. According... Read more »

First “Asylum Seeker” Sentenced for Cologne Sex Attacks

The first “asylum seeker” convicted of stealing a cell phone during the New Year’s Eve mass nonwhite crime carnage in the German city of Cologne has been sentenced—to a laughable six-month suspended... Read more »

Belgium: Invader Rapes after Attending “Don’t Rape” Course

A nonwhite invader has raped a white woman inside an invader center in Belgium just two weeks after attending a “how to treat western women” course put on by that country’s government,... Read more »

Halle, Germany: Activists Hand Out Pepper Spray

Grateful German women snapped up boxes of pepper spray handed out by activists from the German Identitarian movement in the Saxony-Anhalt town of Halle today, in a powerful political propaganda act that... Read more »

Mass Sex-Attacks “Arabic Culture”

The German Federal Criminal Police (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA) has announced that mass sex attacks are a well-known phenomenon in “Arabic culture,” where it even has a specific name: “taharrush gamea.” The astonishing admission... Read more »

Criminal “Refugees” Shocks Germany

Germany has been shocked at the exposure of the massive criminal nature of the nonwhite “refugee” invasion, with police making dozens of arrests, recovering stolen cell phones in invader  centers, and seizing... Read more »

Germany: Invader-Refugee Rape Gang Arrested

A refugee-criminal rape gang which carried out a vicious sex assault on two girls aged 14 and 15 in Weil am Rhein, south west Germany, on New Year’s Eve, have all been arrested. Read more »

Sex Attacks: Feminists Blame Men, Ignore Race

Far left feminists have been hypocritically silent on the racial origin of the refugee-criminal mass sex attacks in Europe—despite usually being at the forefront of attacking such behavior as “male dominated sexism.”... Read more »