Open Bias: Jewish-Lobby Controlled West Silent on Israeli Gaza Massacres

In another indication of the power the international Jewish lobby has over almost all Western governments and mass media, the ongoing mass slaughter of Palestinians by Israel—in which at least 31 have... Read more »

New York: “Beaten Because I am White”

The Long Island, NY, Brentwood School District has been sued for refusing to transfer a white student to another school despite receiving evidence that he had been subjected to years of violent... Read more »

The Antithesis of Apartheid

The all-Afrikaner settlement of Orania in South Africa is the very “antithesis of apartheid” and has achieved a miracle “not seen anywhere else in the world,” a leading South African liberal has... Read more »

Researcher Exposes Associated Press’s Pro-Israel Bias

The obvious pro-Israel bias of the controlled media—in this case, the Associated Press—in their coverage of the latest Israeli-Palestinian flare-up has been thoroughly exposed in a new article by Alison Weir, the... Read more »

Ocoee Movie Theater Riot Highlights Controlled Media’s Cover-up of Black Crime

A St. Valentine’s Day riot by nearly a thousand blacks in Ocoee, Florida, has once again highlighted the shocking lengths to which the controlled media will go to cover up black crime—in... Read more »

Anti-White Media Bias: No Uproar over American Indian Racial Politics

The controlled media’s ongoing bias against white people—in evidence so clearly in the Ferguson, Mo, incident—can also be seen in their almost complete lack of coverage of racially-motivated politics perpetuated by American... Read more »