“Trump Memo”—Media Technique Revealed

The “Trump Memo” furor is an example of how the controlled media manufactures fake news by using a devious technique known as “leading with rebuttal”— whereby defamatory, unproved, and unprovable allegations can... Read more »

NBC News Morphs into the Onion

NBC News has completed its metamorphosis into a the Onion-style joke fake news outlet with its latest “revelation” that Russian president Vladimir Putin was “personally involved” in the hacking of U.S. Democratic... Read more »

New Observer Forces Daily Mail Retraction

The New Observer has once again forced a major controlled media outlet to back down over blatant ant-white lies, this time the Daily Mail’s hysterical lies over “right wingers” in cars running... Read more »

Mass Media Lies: Las Vegas Shooters Jerad and Amanda Miller not “White Supremacists”

The mass media’s institutionalized anti-white hatred has sprung into full gear again by falsely describing the June 8, 2014 shootings in Las Vegas by Jerad and Amanda Miller as the work of... Read more »

Holland’s Largest Newspaper Caught out Lying over South African Farm Murders UPDATED

Holland’s largest daily newspaper—De Telegraaf—has been caught out lying over South African farm murders after it published a blatantly untrue story claiming that “right wing whites” were murdering farmers so that blacks... Read more »