109,902 Invaders Land in Spain since January 2015: EU Tries to Stem Flow with Cash to Morocco

European Union and Moroccan officials have settled on a €140 million ($160 million) pointless “emergency funding package” to try and stem the tide of nonwhite invaders flooding into Spain, with at least... Read more »

Moroccan Navy Opens Fire on Invader Smuggler Boat, Kills 1, Wounds 4

A Moroccan navy boat this week opened fire on an invader smuggler speedboat attempting to leave that country to reach Spain, wounding four and killing one of the would-be invaders, the Moroccan... Read more »

Germany: Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Armenia and Georgia “Safe”

The German government has formally declared Armenia and Georgia “safe” countries of origin, adding to the already existing list of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria—allowing for invaders from those nations to be more quickly... Read more »

Germany: Moroccan Deported 10 Times

The ongoing insanity of Angela Merkel’s “open borders” policy has been demonstrated once again with the news that a Moroccan drug dealer has been deported from Germany no less than ten times... Read more »

North African States Refuse Repatriation

Three North African states whose nationals have taken part in the Angela Merkel-created mass “refugee” invasion of Europe—Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia—are now refusing to take back their nationals even if they have... Read more »