201 Muslim Terrorist Attacks this Year Have Killed 1,175—No “Outrage” because Attackers Weren’t White

So far this year there have been 201 different Muslim terrorist attacks around the world which have killed 1,175 people—but, unlike the New Zealand mosque attack, there is no international “outrage” because... Read more »

New Paris Terror Stabbing Attack: 262 Murdered by Muslim Terrorists since 2012

The latest terrorist stabbing attack in Paris, France, has brought the number of people murdered by Muslim terrorists in that country since 2012 to a grand total of 262, with a further... Read more »

Iraqi “Asylum Seeker” Convicted of London Train Bombing

An Iraqi Muslim pretending to be an “asylum seeker”— who invaded Britain from the Calais “Jungle” camp on the back of a truck, and who had been on the UK Government’s laughable... Read more »

UK: Muslim Terrorists Kill 35, Injure 377—But Police and Media Hysterical over “Neo-Nazis”

Muslim terrorist attacks in Britain during 2017 killed 35 people, and seriously wounded another 377—but establishment spokesman and the controlled media have been hysterically claiming that “neo-Nazis” are the true “threat”—even though... Read more »

Ireland: Muslim “Asylum Seeker” Stabbing Attack

Mohamed Morei (18), an Egyptian invader in Ireland pretending to be an “asylum seeker” will appear in court at Dublin court on Thursday January 11, charged with murder after carrying out a... Read more »

Muslims “Resent Australia”

Muslim “refugees” resent Australia and are more prone to terrorism, a Bangladeshi-born psychiatrist living in Australia has told the Daily Mail in that country. Read more »

Afghan “Immigrant” Car Ram Attack in Australia

Yet another “car ram” attack in Australia—this time carried out by an Afghan living in that country—has taken place, highlighting once again the growing danger posed by mass Third World immigration to... Read more »

UK: “20,000 Muslim Terrorist Suspects”

UK Prime Minister Theresa May—herself the target of a new Muslim terrorist assignation plot—has warned of a “right wing” danger to Britain, even though 90 percent of all terrorists in the UK... Read more »

Melbourne: Xmas Day Terror Averted

Police in Melbourne, Australia, have arrested five Muslims—four Australian-born Lebanese, and one Egyptian-born, all legal immigrants—for planning a series of massive attacks in the city on Christmas Day. Read more »

Turk Arrested for Latest Islamic Terror

A Muslim “immigrant” from Turkey, Arcan Cetin, has been arrested for the latest Islamic terrorist mall attack in America, in which five people were gunned down in a Macy’s store in Burlington,... Read more »

Istanbul Airport: Russia’s Muslim Terrorists

News that the three ISIS suicide bombers who killed 44 people in a gun and bomb attack at Istanbul Atatürk Airport are from Dagestan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan, has highlighted the fact that... Read more »

Brussels: New Invader Terror Arrests

Two more nonwhite invader Muslim terrorists have been arrested in Brussels, Belgium, forcing that city’s government to cancel the traditional New Year’s celebrations in the “capital of Europe” out of fear of... Read more »

Pakistan: Invaders Can’t Come Home

Pakistan has announced that it will refuse to take back any of its nationals who are being deported from Europe for illegal immigration or terrorism offenses. Read more »