Tensions between Buddhist-dominated Burma and Muslim-dominated Malaysia are rising once again after five Burmese workers were hacked to death with swords by a Malaysian mob in an ongoing dispute over religion and illegal immigration between the two countries.

The controlled media’s sympathetic and excuse-finding coverage of Somali “refugee” Ohio State University attacker Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s “motives” is in stark contrast to the way any white who commits a racially-motivated crime is instantly labelled a “hater.” When nonwhites are involved, the media also always tries to blame “white racism”—as has already happened with the Ohio attack.

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) have launched a new “Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council” to “give Muslims and Jews a way to critique Trump and his advisers’ rhetoric and policy with a single voice.” The fact that the AJC supports Israel—which has border, anti-refugee, and anti-Islam policies that pale in comparison to Trump—appears not to bother the AJC or ISNA.

The thousands of Muslim invaders, who continue to flood Germany by posing as refugees, have started taking over the streets of the historic city of Potsdam for their Friday afternoon prayer sessions.
“It looks like Potsdam has been conquered by Islam,” Kamal Abdallah, imam (clergy) of the Al-Farouk community told the Bild newspaper.

The refusal of some European Union countries to accept Muslim refugees is “unacceptable” and all of them must take in Muslims, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced. “That’s not right at all that some countries say: ‘generally speaking, we don’t want to have Muslims in our countries,’” Merkel told German public television channel ARD.

An honest Muslim has admitted to the U.K.’s Britain First that Islam intends to force Sharia law on the entire world—and that anyone who says otherwise is cherry-picking out of the Quran. He also said that he would be “scared and horrified” if Christians came to Islamic countries to take over like Muslims are doing in Britain.

A refugee-terrorist from Iraq—making use of the European Union’s “free movement” policy—has been arrested in Poland by police while planning terrorist attacks in the city of Lodz. The 48-year-old “asylum seeker” entered Poland after coming through Switzerland and Sweden—from where he had been expelled, the Polsat news service reported.

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has confirmed that the nonwhite invaders pouring into that country have “multiple wives”—and that this poses a direct threat to traditional German values and laws.

This follows an earlier admission that more than half of the invaders have child brides.

At least 30,000 Afghans have been resettled in the US as part of the 1.5 million Muslims imported into the country between 2001 and 2013, it has emerged in the wake of the Orlando homo club massacre.
According to the Pew Research Center, 99 percent of Afghans support the imposition of Sharia law—which demands the death penalty for homosexuals.

German police have arrested two Moroccan invaders pretending to be asylum seekers in Düsseldorf after they burned down an invader accommodation because the Ramadan food portions were “too small.” The invaders set fire to the Düsseldorf exhibition center on the outskirts of the city where they and 130 other nonwhites were being housed and fed.

The former head of Britain’s race-police has condemned what he called “unassimilated” Moslem communities in the UK, and admitted that the large-scale admission of Muslims was a mistake with serious consequences. Trevor Phillips, who served as EHRC Chairman from 2003–2012, made his remarks in a Sunday Times article ahead of a TV documentary due to air this coming week.

There are at least 46 million Muslims in Europe—over 20 million in European Union Member States, a similar number in Russia, and the rest are concentrated in the Balkans.
Their numbers have been boosted by over a million in 2015 alone after Angela Merkel gave the Third World a free pass to enter and colonize Europe.

Russian security forces have arrested eighteen ISIS terrorists in Moscow—all of them carrying Turkish identification documents and having entered the country from Uzbekistan.
The arrests highlight the danger posed by the European Union demands that Turks be allowed “free movement” within Europe, and the fact that Russia has a 20 million-strong Muslim population.

An absolute majority of elementary school pupils in the Belgian city of Antwerp are nonwhite, according to figures released by the Belgian Minister of Education, Claude Marinowe. He said that of the 12,300 children in elementary schools, some 6,451 were “followers of the Islamic religion.”

Father Christmas and other traditional European culture forms are regularly portrayed as monsters and devils in propaganda issued by state-funded preschools to the 10,000 Muslim children in Vienna, Austria, a new study has revealed. White Viennese children are now an absolute minority in the capital city, thanks to years of nonwhite immigration, the report also disclosed.

There are now so many child brides among nonwhite invaders in Denmark’s invader centers that the time has come for that country to change the law regarding underage marriage, one of the most prominent Islamic leaders there has said.
The imam of the Danish city of Aarhus, Osama El-Saadi, has called for the legalization of child marriages because it is the invaders’ “culture.”

All of the major Christian churches in America have come out in favor of importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the US from the Middle East, even though such a move will speed up the extinction of both European-Americans and Christianity itself.

The Lutheran church in America has become the latest Christian denomination to make a formal appeal to Congress to allow even more Muslim “refugees from Syria” into the US, according to a report on the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service website.

Rising anti-Semitism caused by Muslims has driven record numbers of European Jews to flee to Israel—while the Jewish state and all official Jewish organizations formally support the largely Muslim “refugee”…

In an indication of the future of Third World-overrun western Europe, a mob of Muslims rampaged through the majority nonwhite city of Brussels, Belgium, on New Year’s eve, setting fire…