Netherlands Bans Burqas, Officially Condemns South African “Land Reform”

The Netherlands—traditionally one of Western Europe’s more leftist societies— has this month officially banned the wearing of Muslim burqas in public and has passed a parliamentary motion officially condemning the plans by... Read more »

German Government Orders Halt to Deporting Muslim Fake Refugees Back to China

The German government has ordered a halt to all deportations of fake refugee-invaders from the Uyghur region of China, claiming that the Muslims “face discrimination” from the majority Han Chinese back home. Read more »

UK Rewards 20,000 “ISIS Radicals” with Priority in Housing, Jobs

The British government is to reward up to 20,000 “radical Muslims” and ex-ISIS fighters who are “returning” from Syria and Iraq with welfare hand-outs, priority in housing, and jobs—putting them ahead of... Read more »

ISIS Muslims Claim French Welfare While Fighting in Syria

Muslims living in France—either born there or with French nationality—have been claiming unemployment benefits and other welfare while fighting for ISIS in Syria, a French newspaper has revealed. Read more »

UK: Muslims Express “Discomfort” at “British Values,” says Report

The British state’s failed “anti-extremism drive” directed at Muslims living in that country “risks stigmatising Muslim students” and most adherents of that faith express “discomfort” at “British values of tolerance and democracy,”... Read more »

Va. Federal Court Rules for Trump Travel Ban

A Federal Court in Virginia has ruled that President Donald Trump’s travel ban was justified—a move which will not undo orders from courts in Maryland and Hawaii, but which will ensure that... Read more »

Burma, Malaysia, Spat over Islam and “Migrants”

Tensions between Buddhist-dominated Burma and Muslim-dominated Malaysia are rising once again after five Burmese workers were hacked to death with swords by a Malaysian mob in an ongoing dispute over religion and... Read more »

Ohio Attack and Media Bias

The controlled media’s sympathetic and excuse-finding coverage of Somali “refugee” Ohio State University attacker Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s “motives” is in stark contrast to the way any white who commits a racially-motivated... Read more »

Jews, Muslims Form Alliance against Trump

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) have launched a new “Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council” to “give Muslims and Jews a way to critique Trump and his... Read more »

Invaders Taking over Potsdam

The thousands of Muslim invaders, who continue to flood Germany by posing as refugees, have started taking over the streets of the historic city of Potsdam for their Friday afternoon prayer sessions. “It... Read more »

Merkel: EU “Must take Muslims”

The refusal of some European Union countries to accept Muslim refugees is "unacceptable" and all of them must take in Muslims, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced. “That's not right at all... Read more »

Honest Muslim: “Sharia is Coming”

An honest Muslim has admitted to the U.K.’s Britain First that Islam intends to force Sharia law on the entire world—and that anyone who says otherwise is cherry-picking out of the Quran.... Read more »

Refugee-Terrorist Arrested in Poland

A refugee-terrorist from Iraq—making use of the European Union’s “free movement” policy—has been arrested in Poland by police while planning terrorist attacks in the city of Lodz. The 48-year-old “asylum seeker” entered... Read more »

Germany: Invaders Have Multiple Wives

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has confirmed that the nonwhite invaders pouring into that country have “multiple wives”—and that this poses a direct threat to traditional German values and laws. This follows an... Read more »

30,000 Afghan “Refugees” in the US

At least 30,000 Afghans have been resettled in the US as part of the 1.5 million Muslims imported into the country between 2001 and 2013, it has emerged in the wake of... Read more »

Invaders Burn Hall over Ramadan Food

German police have arrested two Moroccan invaders pretending to be asylum seekers in Düsseldorf after they burned down an invader accommodation because the Ramadan food portions were “too small.” The invaders set... Read more »

UK: Ex-Race Police Chief Warns on Islam

The former head of Britain's race-police has condemned what he called “unassimilated” Moslem communities in the UK, and admitted that the large-scale admission of Muslims was a mistake with serious consequences. Trevor... Read more »

46 Million Muslims in Europe

There are at least 46 million Muslims in Europe—over 20 million in European Union Member States, a similar number in Russia, and the rest are concentrated in the Balkans. Their numbers have been... Read more »

ISIS Arrests in Moscow

Russian security forces have arrested eighteen ISIS terrorists in Moscow—all of them carrying Turkish identification documents and having entered the country from Uzbekistan. The arrests highlight the danger posed by the European Union... Read more »

Nonwhite Majority in Antwerp Schools

An absolute majority of elementary school pupils in the Belgian city of Antwerp are nonwhite, according to figures released by the Belgian Minister of Education, Claude Marinowe. He said that of the... Read more »

Christmas “Monster” in Vienna Muslim Schools

Father Christmas and other traditional European culture forms are regularly portrayed as monsters and devils in propaganda issued by state-funded preschools to the 10,000 Muslim children in Vienna, Austria, a new study... Read more »

Denmark: Child Brides “Must be Legal”

There are now so many child brides among nonwhite invaders in Denmark’s invader centers that the time has come for that country to change the law regarding underage marriage, one of the... Read more »

US Christian Churches Back Muslim Invasion

All of the major Christian churches in America have come out in favor of importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the US from the Middle East, even though such a move... Read more »

Muslim Anti-Semitism Drives Jews from Europe

Rising anti-Semitism caused by Muslims has driven record numbers of European Jews to flee to Israel—while the Jewish state and all official Jewish organizations formally support the largely Muslim “refugee” invasion in... Read more »

Muslims Rampage in Brussels, Destroy European Symbols and Infrastructure

In an indication of the future of Third World-overrun western Europe, a mob of Muslims rampaged through the majority nonwhite city of Brussels, Belgium, on New Year’s eve, setting fire to at... Read more »

Australia Terror Plot: 9 Muslims Charged

Nine Muslims in Australia have been charged after an intensive three-day set of raids and arrests by Joint Counter Terrorism Team (JCTT) police units working to prevent an attack on the Australian... Read more »