Controlled Media Panic at Euro Youth’s Votes

The controlled media is becoming increasingly panicked as ever-increasing numbers of young white people across Europe are voting for parties dedicated to white survival. The latest such example has come with the German... Read more »

German Nationalists Set for Breakthrough as Democratic-Fascist Law is Struck Down

German nationalist parties are set for a dramatic entrance to the political center stage in Europe in May 2014 after the German constitutional court struck down an attempt by the democratic-fascist establishment... Read more »

Democratic Fascists in Germany Launch Second Attempt to Ban Nationalist Party

The democratic fascists who run the present-day state of Germany—who although claiming to be democrats, are happy to use bannings, espionage and other Stasi-like tactics against political opponents—have now officially launched their... Read more »

Germany’s Jews Upset over Government Failure to Ban Democracy

The head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany (CCJG) has attacked the German government for its refusal to totally ban democracy in that country, citing its refusal to become involved... Read more »