Study: Jewish Lobby Neocon US Wars Have Cost $5.9 trillion, 1 Million Dead Since 2001

The wars waged by America on behalf of the pro-Israel Jewish lobby neocons since 2001 have cost $5.9 trillion and killed at least one million people, including nearly 15,000 Americans, a new... Read more »

Afghanistan: The War of Fools

The 15-year-old U.S. invasion of Afghanistan has been an unmitigated disaster which has cost the American taxpayers $6 trillion, 2,216 dead, and 20,049 seriously wounded—and has done nothing to root out the... Read more »

Foreign Policy: Is Donald Trump Mad?

Donald Trump’s latest foreign policy pronouncements have revealed his total subservience to the Jewish lobby, and his complete failure to comprehend the cause of Islamist terrorism, the origin of anti-American hatred across... Read more »

Trump: “Cheering Muslims” Actually Jews

Donald Trump’s claim that thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the World Trade Center attacks is factually incorrect in two details: they were Jews—Israeli agents, accused of spying in America—and there... Read more »