Netherlands 25 percent Nonwhite, Will Become Majority Third World within 1 Generation

The recent arrest of a further seven legally-resident nonwhites for terrorism in the Netherlands has highlighted the fact that, thanks to pro-mass Third World immigration policies, at least 25 percent—and most likely... Read more »

Netherlands: Nonwhite Invader-Terrorists had 100 kg of Fertilizer Ready for Bomb

The seven nonwhite invader terrorists arrested in the Netherlands yesterday after planning a mass shooting and bombing campaign in the country that gave them shelter, had over 100 kilograms of fertilizer stored... Read more »

Afghan Refugee-Invader Stabbing Attack in Amsterdam Central Station

A 19-year-old Afghan invader “with a German residence permit” carried out a stabbing attack in Amsterdam city center’s busy Central [Train] Station on Friday, wounding two people before being shot by police. Read more »

89% of “Refugees” in Holland Still on Welfare Three Years Later

Liberal claims that “refugees” and “immigration” would boost the European economy have been exposed as lies yet again with the nest that 89 percent of all those granted “refugee” status in the... Read more »

Ghent: Turks Attack Europeans

Hundreds of Turks attacked police and white Belgians in Ghent over the past weekend as members of the pro-European Voorpost organization held a “no Turkey in the European Union” rally in the... Read more »

Invaders Given €10K Cash in Holland

Nonwhite invaders who swindle their way into the Netherlands are being given as much as €10,000 ($12,000) as free gifts in order to “settle in,” a shock survey in the Dutch-language Brabants... Read more »

Dutch Pegida Man Arrested for Pig Hat

The leader of the anti-Islamification of Europe Pegida movement in the Netherlands, Edwin Wagensveld, has been arrested for wearing a furry hat in the shape of a pig’s head, Dutch media have... Read more »

Dutch Village Gets What it Voted For

The northern Dutch town of Ter Apel has been brought to its knees after a nonwhite invader crime plague has nearly destroyed all the businesses in town by stealing them into near-bankruptcy.... Read more »

Dutch Police Threaten Whites over Opposition to Invasion

Dutch police are being sent to threaten white people who dared send out mildly-critical social media messages about the “refugee” invasion on the grounds that they are being “seditious”—while at the same... Read more »

4 Violent Assaults per Day in Dutch “Refugee Camps”

There were at least 1,300 violent assaults in invader centers in the Netherlands during 2015—working out at four per day—according to the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice Klaas Dijkhoff. Making the... Read more »

Massive Police Presence Quells Dutch anti-Invasion Protesters

A massive presence of Dutch riot police prevented a second riot in Holland over yet another planned invader center, this time in the district of Overvecht in the city of Utrecht, on... Read more »

Holland: 65% of 1990s Invaders on Welfare

More than 65 percent of all nonwhite invaders who entered the Netherlands between 1995 and 1999 are living off the welfare system and not working—while the remainder are in such minor work... Read more »

“Drop Dead, Suckers,” Wilders Tells Enemies

Outspoken populist Dutch politician Geert Wilders has told enemy politicians and the controlled media to “drop dead” after they demanded he condemn the recent white physical resistance to the nonwhite invasion. Better... Read more »

Dutch Riot against Nonwhite Invaders

Europe inched another bit closer to civil war this week when shots were fired as thousands of Dutch patriots rioted in the town of Geldermalsen on Wednesday during a meeting held to... Read more »

Dutch Abandon Red Cross over Invasion

Thousands of Hollanders who normally carry out volunteer work for the Dutch Red Cross have refused to come out and help that organization in a spontaneous protest against the nonwhite invasion of... Read more »

Leftist “Uproar” over Dutch Zwarte Piet Fails to Make Impact in Holland, New Poll Shows

A leftist-generated move to get the Zwarte Piet character removed from traditional Dutch Christmastime celebrations appears to be falling on barren ground, according to a new survey by television station Nos. Read more »

The “Helping Europe’s Economy” Myth Smashed Again as Dutch Government Report Reveals Nonwhite Invader Parasitism

The myth that “immigration is necessary to bolster European economies” has been smashed yet again by an official report which shows that nonwhite invaders in Holland mostly live off state welfare instead... Read more »

Anti-White “Police No-Go Sharia Triangle” Established in Dutch Capital

An area only two kilometers (1.4 miles) from the city center of the Dutch capital The Hague has been so thoroughly colonized by Third World invaders that it has become “orthodox Muslim... Read more »