NZ/Australian Politicians Argue over “Refugee Back Door”

The Prime Minister of Australia and the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand have taken contrary positions over proposed legislation which will bar “refugees” in New Zealand from automatically qualifying for entry... Read more »

Fijian Invader Jailed after Fake “Refugee” Story Exposed

A Fijian invader who made up a story about being a “persecuted Bangladeshi” seeking “asylum” in New Zealand has been jailed after his fraud was exposed—but the drama has revealed the establishment’s... Read more »

NZ’s Offer on “Refugees” Rejected

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has warned that New Zealand’s offer to take in bogus refugees about to be deported from Australia will reignite the boat-borne flood of invaders. New Zealand Prime Minister... Read more »

Mãori-only Institutions in New Zealand

Ongoing Mãori-only institutions in the educational field have once again highlighted the open racial hypocrisy practiced against white people in that country, a survey of recent developments has shown. A number of... Read more »

New Zealand: Flare-up Highlights Special Status Denied to Europeans

A flare-up between the New Zealand Treaty Settlements Minister, Chris Finlayson, and the Waitangi Tribunal chairman, Eddie Taihukurei Durie, over the behavior of the New Zealand Mãori Council, has highlighted the special... Read more »