Brexit: 126% Jump in Foreign Nonwhite Nurses to Replace Leaving EU Whites

The UK’s regulator for nursing, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), has confirmed that the number of nurses from outside Europe registering for the first time to work in Britain’s National Health... Read more »

UK: Health Deficit £1.6bn, Foreign Aid £12bn

The hatred which all Britain’s establishment parties have for their own people has been demonstrated once again with the news that the UK’s healthcare system (the National Health Service, NHS) is facing... Read more »

UK: Health Dire, “Foreign” Docs Recruited

The UK’s once-famous National Health Service (NHS) is now one of the worst in the world—a consequence which can be linked directly to successive governments’ efforts to recruit as many Third World... Read more »

Whites Blamed Because Majority of UK Doctors Struck Off are Nonwhite

The old standby of “blame whitey” has been used to try and explain the fact that nonwhites make up the majority of practicing doctors in Britain struck off for malpractice. According to... Read more »