Nigeria: “Traditional Leader Revokes Voodoo Curses” to Protect African Invaders in Europe

Oba Ewuare II, the traditional ruler of the Kingdom of Benin in Edo State in southern Nigeria, has ordered the revoking of all “curses placed on victims of human trafficking and to curse... Read more »

Nigeria: Power Grid Collapses for 7th Total Blackout This Year

Nigeria—regarded by the World Bank as an “emerging market”—has demonstrated sub-Saharan Africa’s inability to maintain an advanced Western infrastructure as its power grid collapsed for the seventh time this year, plunging the... Read more »

UK: Too Many Nigerian Criminals, so Brits Build Prison in Nigeria

There are so many Nigerian criminals in UK jails that the British government has announced that it will build a new prison in Nigeria to house them—making that the fifth foreign nation... Read more »

UN has Shipped 6,300 Nigerian Fake “Asylum Seekers” Home

The United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM) has now shipped at least 6,300 Nigerians back home from Libya where they were pretending to be refugees trying to invade Europe—proving once again... Read more »

Nigerians Believe Witches Responsible for Car Crashes, Admits Highway Chief

It is common in Nigeria to attribute car crashes to the work of witches and demons, senior staffera at that country’s Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC ) have told the News Agency... Read more »

EU, UN, Nigeria “Speed up” Returns from Libya

The European Union, the United Nations, and the Nigerian government are to “speed up” the repatriation of Nigerians from Libya—thereby inadvertently proving that there is no “refugee crisis” but only a determined... Read more »

No “Migrant Crisis”: UN Ships Africans Home

Thousands of African would-be invaders of Europe are being flown home from their invasion launch pads in Libya, courtesy of the United Nations—conclusive proof that there is no “migrant crisis,” as the... Read more »

“Black Axe” Nigerian Gang in Italy as African Invasion Continues

The mass invasion of Italy by Africans has allowed the notorious Nigerian criminal gang known as “Black Axe” to become established in that country—a group that is so numerous and violent that... Read more »

UN to Help Cameroon Deport Nigerian “Asylum Seekers”

The West African country of Cameroon last week deported 517 Nigerians—including 313 who falsely claimed to be asylum seekers—and the United Nations plans to help send back at least 85,000 more during... Read more »

White Zim Farmers Fail in Nigeria

White Zimbabwean farmers who have been forced off their farms and have tried to start anew in other African countries have all failed in their new endeavors–because none of them appreciated how... Read more »