Oslo: Nonwhites Responsible for 70% of all Violent Crime in Norwegian Capital

Nonwhites are responsible for at least 70 percent of all the violent crime in Norway’s capital city of Oslo, that country’s TV 2 station has reported—and that “immigrants” make up 33 percent... Read more »

Norway: Iron Age Viking Ship Burial Discovered through Ground Radar

A complete Viking ship burial—so far only the fourth ever discovered—has been found by archeologists at the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) in Østfold County, south Norway, a statement from... Read more »

Norway to Build Anti-Invasion Wall

Norway is building a steel fence at the Storskog border post with Russia after that crossing was used by over 5,500 Third World invaders last year. The new gate and fence will... Read more »

Viking Ship en Route to America

The world's largest replica Viking ship, the Draken Harald Hårfagre, has docked in Qaqortoq, Greenland, on its way to the US as part of its “Expedition America 2016” expedition. The Draken Harald... Read more »

“Asylum Claims” Drop after Nordic Border Controls

Asylum claims in the Nordic countries had fallen sharply after border controls were introduced, according to the migration agencies of the various countries, according to The Local’s Norwegian news service. The number... Read more »

Norway’s “Please Don’t Rape” Classes

Nonwhite invaders in Europe are soon going to be sent to Norwegian-developed “anti-rape” classes where they will be asked if “violence is ever justified” and “how do you know if a woman... Read more »

Norway: Cyclist Invaders “Vanishing”

More than forty fake refugees who cycled their way into Norway—but were then issued with deportation orders—have vanished rather than be sent back to Russia, showing once again the inherent flaws in... Read more »

Norway: Man Denies Burning Invader Center

A man, identified only as an “Eastern European,” has denied being responsible for the burning of an invader center in Lindås, Norway on December 6, Norwegian media have reported. Media did not... Read more »

Norway “Not Civilized”: Fake Asylum Seeker

Norway is not civilized, a fraudulent asylum seeker—who has since fled back to the Middle East after fleecing European taxpayers of thousands of euros—has told the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK. The astonishing... Read more »

Norway Halts Northern Invasion

No nonwhite invaders have tried to cross the border between Russia and Norway this week since the Norwegian government announced that it would immediately deport any who did so back to Russia—and... Read more »

The Extermination of the White Race in Norway

An “apartheid row” at a school in Oslo, Norway, has highlighted the fact that white Norwegian children are now a minority in some schools in that nation’s capital city—but this fact has... Read more »