Netanyahu Tries to Hijack Trump-Kim Jong Un Meeting to Spread More Lies about Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has attempted to hijack the Trump-Kim Jong Un meeting to spread more lies about Iran’s mythical “atom bomb” by using North Korea as an “example” to the... Read more »

Jewish Lobby vs. North Korea

America’s continual aggression towards North Korea is not based on any alleged human rights abuses but rather because that nation is an openly declared enemy of the state of Israel, and has... Read more »

War with Russia? No Chance, says Izvestia

There is no real prospect of a nuclear war between Russia and the West, prominent Russian newspaper Izvestia has declared. The pronouncement comes despite the ongoing war talk and never-ending controlled media... Read more »

Warmonger Obama Promises Attack on Iran “Within One Year”

Warmonger US President Barack Obama has promised a military attack on Iran within a year should there be no “diplomatic solution” which will halt Iran from obtaining an atom bomb—despite all intelligence... Read more »