The FBI’s “report on Russian hacking”—issued to “prove interference in the U.S. election”— is one of the most shocking instances of deliberate misdirection yet seen from the U.S. government and the controlled media.

The Australian government’s plans to ship 1,600 nonwhite invaders currently holed up in its remote Pacific island “illegal immigration” centers to the U.S. might be sabotaged by the change of government in America, it has emerged. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull spent most of Monday this week seeking to allay fears that the deal he had struck with the Obama regime to take the illegal immigrants would now founder.

There is no real prospect of a nuclear war between Russia and the West, prominent Russian newspaper Izvestia has declared. The pronouncement comes despite the ongoing war talk and never-ending controlled media propaganda against Russia.

A judge in Texas has halted the “transgender bathroom” order from being enforced in that state, setting a precedent which could overturn the Obama-enforced madness on a national scale. U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor said in his ruling that the order violated the privacy rights of all children to use bathrooms restricted to their own biological sex.

Barack Obama’s plan to unilaterally flood America with more than four million illegal invaders just because they are already in the US, has been shot down after the Supreme Court failed to come to a decision on the matter.
The court tied 4-4 in a vote brought by several states against the unilateral “executive order”—which means that the previous court’s decision, which annulled the order, will remain in force.

Barack Obama’s Executive Action on immigration, which provided a free break for nonwhite invaders who entered the US before January 1, 2014, created an “open border” situation with Mexico, the head of the National Border Patrol Council (NPBC) told the US Congress. NPBC president Brandon Judd told the House Judiciary Committee that Border Patrol agents were instructed to take invaders’ “word for it” that they had been in the US before that date.

The American Jewish Lobby’s control over the US government has been powerfully demonstrated once again with the news that the Jews-only state of Israel has been given more than twice…

The renewed uproar over accusations made by a senior Israeli government official that Barack Obama is “anti-Semitic” reflects a split among Jews on how Israel should best be presented to…