Jerusalem Mayor Candidate Vows to Build Jews-only Housing, “Keep Jerusalem Jewish”

The Likud party candidate for the upcoming mayoral election in Jerusalem has vowed to build thousands more houses for Jews only as part of his plan to “keep Jerusalem Jewish.” Read more »

Hebron, West Bank: Jews Weld Palestinian Family Inside House in Renewed Ethnic Cleansing Drive

A Palestinian family was trapped inside their home and forced to leave through a broken window after Jews from the Israeli Defence Force  welded their front door shut in a renewed ethnic... Read more »

Israeli Settlements “Not Helpful,” says White House

The ongoing Israeli Jews-only house building program in the occupied West Bank is “not helpful” in promoting peace in the Middle East, the Trump White House has announced. Read more »

Emboldened Israel Rapidly Expanding West Bank Colonization

The Israeli government—emboldened by the protection it is now guaranteed by the Trump administration—has launched a rapid set of expansion programs in the occupied West Bank, approving more than 3,000 new housing... Read more »

UN Vote: Defeat for Jewish Lobby

The international Jewish lobby has suffered a major defeat with the overwhelming rejection by the United Nations of Israel’s continued land theft and the illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.... Read more »

Israel: New Ethnic Cleansing Law

The Israeli government has taken yet another step forward in its program to ethnically cleanse the occupied West Bank of Palestinians with a new law called the “Regulation Bill” which has passed... Read more »

Jewish Hypocrisy: Bulldozers vs Lawsuits

The Jewish lobby’s hypocrisy has been exposed once again with an Anti-Defamation League-sponsored lawsuit in Texas demanding whites accept “integrated housing”—while ADL-supported Israel drives Arabs out of the occupied West Bank by... Read more »