South Africa: Orania Schools Bursting at the Seams

The Afrikaner settlement of Orania in South Africa—a project which has mapped out a survival strategy for Europeans in regions overrun by the Third World—is going from strength to strength and this... Read more »

Orania Newsletter December 2017

The town of Orania in South Africa has set the world standard and example through which Europeans can survive the current political dispensation, and supporting them is supporting the cause of Western... Read more »

South Africa: Farmer Killed as Whites Pointlessly Protest

Even as thousands of white South Africans turned out in force to block roads and publicly protest the genocide of white famers in that country, the pointlessness of their action—and their total... Read more »

The Antithesis of Apartheid

The all-Afrikaner settlement of Orania in South Africa is the very “antithesis of apartheid” and has achieved a miracle “not seen anywhere else in the world,” a leading South African liberal has... Read more »

Orania Strikes Back at Biased British Broadcasting Corporation Journalist

The Afrikaner renaissance is starting from its core in Orania, based on the traditional western principles of order, creativity, intellect, merit, and productivity, and has no need or desire to accept ANC... Read more »

Afrikaner Nationalist Town of Orania Continues to Expand

The remarkable Afrikaner nationalist settlement of Orania in South Africa continues to expand and will soon have the region’s leading shopping center, doctor’s surgery, dentist, and eye specialist—and there is no truth... Read more »

Devote Your Life to a Cause: The Lesson of Nelson Mandela, According to Orania

The one lesson to learn from the life of Nelson Mandela is that one can devote one’s like to cause in which you believe, and that success can follow, even if at... Read more »

A Home of Our Own

The new feeling is that the strategy of “awakening” whites and gaining power through democratic electoral means is not working. The demographic shift is too fast and our own progress is too... Read more »

Afrikaner Orania Delegation Received by Members of the Dutch and Flemish Parliaments

A delegation from the Afrikaner self-determination community of Orania has conducted what it called a “highly successful” promotional tour in Europe, and was received by, among others, members of the Dutch and... Read more »