Drug-Resistant Typhoid in Pakistan “To Go Worldwide”

A new drug-resistant (XDR) strain of typhoid in Pakistan is just a small genetic step away from becoming completely untreatable—and health experts expect it to spread worldwide, thanks to extensive Pakistani migration... Read more »

Pakistan: Afghans Have 1 Month to Leave

In a move which demonstrates once again the lie of Afghans needing “asylum” anywhere, the government of Pakistan has given all Afghan “refugees” in that country one month to pack their bags... Read more »

“Refugee” Excuse for Afghans Collapses as 750,000 Go Home—with United Nation’s Help

The claim that Afghans “must” have “asylum” in Europe is, just like in Iraq, rapidly collapsing with the news that over 743,000 Afghans have gone back home from Pakistan and Iran since January... Read more »

Pakistan: Two-Faced Refugee Deportation Policy

The Pakistani government has accepted back at least 266,412 of its nationals deported home from other nonwhite nations—but refuses to take back those being deported from Europe, it has emerged. Read more »

Afghanistan Bans Illegal Immigrants

The Afghan government has barred all people from entering their country—and particularly Pakistanis—without valid travel documents, following months of tension along the border between those two countries. Read more »

Afghan “Refugee” Lie Exposed by UN

More than 380,000 Afghans have now been deported back home from Pakistan, with the active assistance of the United Nations (U.N.)—and with money paid to them by that organization. The mere fact... Read more »

Pakistan to Afghan Invaders: Get Out

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans pretending to be refugees in Pakistan have been told that their deadline to leave the country expires today—and that they will be forcibly deported if they refuse... Read more »

Pakistan’s Racial Citizenship Law

Pakistan’s deportation of the famous green-eyed “Afghan Girl” back to Afghanistan has focused attention on the fact that Pakistan has a racially-based citizenship law. Sharbat Gula was arrested after trying to buy... Read more »

Famous Afghan Arrested for Fake ID

The woman who won worldwide fame as the “green-eyed Afghan” on National Geographic magazine’s cover has been arrested in Pakistan for buying fake identification documents. Sharbat Gula's arrest came as the Pakistani... Read more »

Pakistan Expels 3 Million Afghan “Refugees”

Pakistan has started expelling all 3 million illegal immigrant Afghans back to their home country—in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The fact that the UNHCR is involved in... Read more »

Islamist Terrorists Entering US

Islamist terrorists—including at least one man linked to a Taliban-planed attack in the US—are using the illegal immigration route over the Mexico border to enter America. According to official documents revealed by the... Read more »

Pakistan: Invaders Can’t Come Home

Pakistan has announced that it will refuse to take back any of its nationals who are being deported from Europe for illegal immigration or terrorism offenses. Read more »

“Dear Mr. Cameron”: A British National Decides to Move to Pakistan

The following letter—a satire—is currently circulating via email. It is supposedly from a British national who has decided to immigrate to Pakistan. Although satire, it does make several valid points, interlaced with... Read more »

Obama “Nobel Peace Prize Winner” has Launched More Terror Drone Attacks than Bush

President Barack Obama has launched more drone attacks in Pakistan than even the arch-warmonger George Bush, a new investigation has revealed. The investigation report, titled “Covert Drone War,” also revealed that the... Read more »

Tax in Pakistan: Why the Third World Will Never be Like the First World

The liberal religious belief that the Third World can be elevated into becoming like the First world through “education and development” has been rudely shattered once again with the latest “economic” news... Read more »