Philistines—The Jews’ Ancient Enemies—Were Europeans, DNA Confirms

The Philistine people—who gave their name to the land called Palestine—and who were the ancient Jews’ greatest enemy, as recorded in the bible—were of European origin, groundbreaking DNA studies have shown. Read more »

Palestinians Retaliate against Israeli Massacres with Unexpected Missile and Mortar Barrage

Palestinians suddenly—and unexpectedly—retaliated in force with a barrage of over 110 missiles and mortar fire into Israel, responding to weeks of indiscriminate massacres, sniper shootings, jet fighter bombings and murders  of protesters... Read more »

17 Dead, 1,400 Injured: EU Calls for Probe into Latest Israeli Massacre of Palestinians

In a major break with the Jewish lobby—which normally strictly controls public pronouncements from European Union officials—the EU's diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini has called for an official investigation into the deadly massacre... Read more »

MI5: Jew Terrorists Tried to Bomb London

Newly-declassified files from Britain’s MI5 have revealed new details of the communist connections of the Jew Zionist terrorists who tried to bomb London and kill 21 Members of Parliament—even though Britain had... Read more »

How Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians Causes Terrorism in Europe and America

The Jews-only ethnostate has sent soldiers in to seize solar panels which were donated to a Palestinian village called Jubbet al-Dhib inside the occupied West Bank—even though the land belongs to the... Read more »

Iran’s Jewish MP Calls Netanyahu “Bloodsucking Criminal”

The Iranian lawmaker representing that country’s Jews in Iran’s parliament has slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attacks on that country, saying he is “a bloodsucking criminal” who has a hand in... Read more »

Israeli Settlements “Not Helpful,” says White House

The ongoing Israeli Jews-only house building program in the occupied West Bank is “not helpful” in promoting peace in the Middle East, the Trump White House has announced. Read more »

Researcher Exposes Associated Press’s Pro-Israel Bias

The obvious pro-Israel bias of the controlled media—in this case, the Associated Press—in their coverage of the latest Israeli-Palestinian flare-up has been thoroughly exposed in a new article by Alison Weir, the... Read more »

New York Times Hides US-Israeli War Crimes, Journalist Claims

The deliberate policy of mass media outlets such as the New York Times in covering up US-Israeli war crimes is a “scandal” which makes those outlets “fully complicit in this sordid affair,”... Read more »

As Israel Rains Death upon Gaza, US Zionist Groups Demand America Absorbs Illegal Immigrant Invasion

In one of the more blatant examples of extreme hypocrisy from the Jewish lobby in America, Zionist-supporting organizations have asked Obama to “welcome the stranger” and absorb the recent illegal underage immigrant ... Read more »

New Israeli Government Seeks to Seize West Bank Permanently

All indications are that the new Israeli government intends to permanently seize as much of the Palestinian West Bank territory as possible as part of a drive to permanently destroy any chance... Read more »