Paris Terrorist: The Story of an Invader

The Paris terrorist shot dead by police last week had lived illegally in Europe since 2008 in Germany, France, Sweden, and Luxembourg—and when Angela Merkel invited the Third World to invade Europe... Read more »

Islamist Hatred on Open Display in Istanbul

The underlying Islamist hatred of Europe was on open display yesterday as thousands of Turks at one of Istanbul’s largest football stadiums chanted “Allahu Akbar” and booed during a one minute’s silence... Read more »

Paris Attacks and Third World Immigration

The insanity of allowing mass Third World immigration into Europe has been highlighted once again with the news that at least six of the eight Muslims who carried out the Paris terrorist... Read more »

Paris Blood on Merkel’s Hands

At least one of the terrorists who took part in the attack in France entered Europe in October through Greece pretending to be a “refugee,” the Greek deputy minister in charge of... Read more »