French Intel: “500 ISIS Fighters in France”

There are at least 500 ISIS fighters who have served in Syria and Iraq in France, and it is likely they will start using car bomb attacks, the head of France’s intelligence... Read more »

Brussels: Nonwhites Protected Most Wanted Terrorist

The nonwhite-colonized suburb of Molenbeek in Brussels actively protected fugitive terrorist Salah Abdeslam, and the “whole neighborhood knew where [he] stayed,” it has emerged. It has also transpired that a fake Syrian... Read more »

Salah Abdeslam and the Immigration Threat

The arrest of “immigrant” terrorist Salah Abdeslam in Brussels has once again highlighted the terror threat faced by Europe as a result of mass nonwhite legal and illegal immigration, and the ongoing... Read more »

3rd Paris Bomber also a Refugee-Terrorist

At least three of the terrorists who attacked Paris entered Europe by posing as “refugees” it has now emerged, confirming once again that the nonwhite invasion flood is being used by Islamists... Read more »

Muslim Arrested in Bavaria Linked to Paris Attack

German authorities have confirmed that a Muslim arrested driving through Bavaria on November 5, in a car laden with weapons and explosives, is linked to the terror attacks in Paris—although they and... Read more »

Paris Attacks: West’s Policies to Blame

The insanity of Western Europe and America’s promotion of mass Third World immigration and their destabilization of the Middle East as part of their pro-Israeli foreign policies, has been vividly demonstrated once... Read more »