Terror Arrests: How Many More?

The capture of six nonwhite “immigrant” terrorists—including one of the fugitive Brussels airport bombers—was only one of a series of such arrests the past two weeks which took place in Denmark, Germany,... Read more »

ISIS Created by US Invasion of Iraq

The international terrorist organization ISIS is the direct result of the American-led George W. Bush-era invasion of Iraq, an Amnesty International report has concluded. The dramatic evidence for this assertion is contained... Read more »

Terrorist-Refugees Recruited in Hungary

Salah Abdeslam, who led the Paris refugee-terrorist attacks, recruited two of his team members in Hungary from the massive crowd of nonwhite invaders who gathered at the Keleti railway station in Budapest... Read more »

Patriotic French Mayor Creates Security Militia

The famous patriotic mayor of the southwestern town of Beziers in France has announced the formation of a volunteer force to patrol the streets and help boost security while France remains in... Read more »

Paris Attacks “Punishment for Holocaust”

Israel’s Chief Rabbi for Judea and Samaria has announced that the terrorist attacks in Paris were “deserved punishment” for what the “wicked” Europeans allegedly did to Jews during the Holocaust. Rabbi Dov... Read more »