Invader Rampage through Paris

Thousands of nonwhite invaders rampaged through the streets of Paris in a mass brawl between Afghans, Eritreans, and sub-Saharan Africans near the Stalingrad Metro station where they have been camping out for... Read more »

Paris: 200,000 March against Homo Marriage

A crowd estimated by organizers to be 200,000 strong marched against homo marriage and for family values in Paris, France, yesterday, while homo and “Femen” activists attacked police. The group behind the... Read more »

Police Admit: No-Go Zones in France

A massed Molotov cocktail attack by dozens of nonwhite invaders on a police patrol in Viry-Châtillon, south Paris, has forced police in France to finally admit that the mass Third World invasion... Read more »

Invader Gang Rape at Eiffel Tower

Three Algerian invaders living as “refugees” in Germany have been arrested in France after gang-raping a woman in the gardens directly under Paris’s Eiffel Tower. The victim was lured to the gardens... Read more »

“Migration = Terrorism:” Hungarian Govt.

The “migration wave” currently being experienced in Europe goes “hand in hand” with the spread of terrorism, the parliamentary leader of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has said. Speaking at a press conference... Read more »

Paris: 4 More Terror Arrests

Another four nonwhite invader terrorists—including an Algerian, two Turks, and a woman—have been arrested for planning an attack in the French capital, police in Paris have announced. The four nonwhites were arrested during... Read more »

Media Covers up for Communist Thug Extremist Killed in Paris Street Fight

The controlled media in Europe and America have gone into overdrive to cover up the extremist communist involvement in a street fight between nationalists and leftists which saw a Communist thug die... Read more »