Pegida Founds Party Ahead of Potential Ban

The Pegida movement in Germany has announced that it is forming a political party—the "Freiheitlich Direktdemokratische Volkspartei" (the Peoples’ Direct Democracy and Freedom Partry, FDDV), just as the German government indicated that... Read more »

Pegida Leader on Trial

The founder of Germany’s Pegida movement has been summoned to court on “hate speech” charges for describing refugees as “cattle” and “scum.” Lutz Bachmann, 43, was charged with “inciting hatred” in October... Read more »

Dutch Pegida Man Arrested for Pig Hat

The leader of the anti-Islamification of Europe Pegida movement in the Netherlands, Edwin Wagensveld, has been arrested for wearing a furry hat in the shape of a pig’s head, Dutch media have... Read more »

Pegida Cologne: State Agents Exposed

German state police agents were the ones responsible for setting off a handful of firecrackers which was then used as an excuse by the police to attack the peaceful crowd of Pegida... Read more »

1,700 Police Stop Cologne Pegida March

New Observer correspondent in Cologne, Germany—More than 1,700 police, under orders from the German government, turned out to halt a 3,000-strong Pegida demonstration in Cologne city center today—a marked contrast to the... Read more »

“Moderate Islam Nonexistent”

“Moderate Islam” does not exist, and that religion seeks absolute world domination, one of the founders of the Belgian Vlaams Belang (VB) party told the huge weekly Pegida rally in Dresden, Germany,... Read more »

Europe Rallies Against Third World Invasion

Tens of thousands of Germans, Italians, Czechs, Russians, Slovaks, and Swiss have taken to the streets over the past few days to demonstrate their opposition to the Third World invasion, with  rallies... Read more »