Australia: All Invaders Captured from First Invasion Boat in Four Years

All the nonwhite invaders aboard the first invasion boat to reach the Australian shore in nearly four years have been captured and sent to the offshore illegal immigrant processing center of Christmas... Read more »

213 White South Africans have Applied for Asylum in Australia

A total of 213 white South Africans—farmers and their families—have applied for asylum in Australia following the earlier announcement by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton that he would “fast track” applications from... Read more »

Australian Foreign Minister: No Special Treatment for South African Farmers

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop has said that there will be no special program of humanitarian visas for white South African farmers, and that all applications will be subject to the usual... Read more »

Australian Home Affairs Minister: “We’ll let White South African Farmers in as Refugees”

Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has announced that he has ordered his department to start investigating how to bring white South African farmers into Australia on expedited refugee or humanitarian visas... Read more »

Oz: Bogus Refugees Win Court Battle

At least 10,000 bogus refugees—from countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan who have no right of “asylum” at all under all international conventions—might be given the chance to acquire Australian citizenship after... Read more »