New Study: Electric Cars are Worse for Environment than Diesel Engines

A new study published by Germany’s leading publicly-funded economic think-tank has proven electric cars are overall increase CO2 emissions and leave far more damaging waste products than traditional vehicles—showing that even this... Read more »

Latest Anti-White Hatred: White People Now Blamed for Air Pollution

White people are to blame for air pollution which is “breathed in more” by nonwhites, according to the latest outrageous example of establishment anti-white hatred in the controlled media. Read more »

EU Parliament Bans Single-Use Plastics by 2021

The European Parliament this week passed a law banning single-use plastics—such as straws, cotton buds, balloons and many sorts of beverage containers—by 2021, and obliged plastic bottle manufacturers to recycle 90 percent... Read more »

China Identified as Source of Ozone-Destroying CFC-11 Despite Worldwide Ban

China’s foam-blowing industry has been identified as the source of a dramatic increase in the ozone-destroying CFC-11 chemical, despite a worldwide ban on the production and use of that chemical, a new... Read more »