Putin: Europe Causing Third World Invasion by Offering Welfare to Invaders

European countries are causing the mass invasion of that continent because they continue to pay “large social welfare” benefits to nonwhites who move there, and this mass movement will not stop until... Read more »

Putin to Europe: Help Rebuild Syria so all “Refugees” Can Go Home

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the European Union to contribute financially to the estimated $250 billion needed to rebuild Syria so that the millions of “refugees” elsewhere can go home—because... Read more »

Putin: If West Wants to Help Syria, it Should Help “Migrants” Go Home

If Europe wants to reduce the flow of “migrants,” including those from Syria and neighboring countries, “It must help people return to their homes and normalize life in their country,” Russian president... Read more »

Russian Spy Attack: West Blames Putin without Proof

The rush by the UK government and its allies to blame Russian president Vladimir Putin for the alleged nerve agent attack on a Russian spy traitor hiding in England, without producing any... Read more »

NBC News Morphs into the Onion

NBC News has completed its metamorphosis into a the Onion-style joke fake news outlet with its latest “revelation” that Russian president Vladimir Putin was “personally involved” in the hacking of U.S. Democratic... Read more »

“Russia & Trump”: More Fake News

A detailed study of claims by the controlled media that Russia “interfered” in the recent U.S. Presidential election shows that the allegations are completely devoid of any factual foundation—and are a perfect... Read more »

War with Russia? No Chance, says Izvestia

There is no real prospect of a nuclear war between Russia and the West, prominent Russian newspaper Izvestia has declared. The pronouncement comes despite the ongoing war talk and never-ending controlled media... Read more »

“We like European Identity”—Putin

Russian president Vladimir Putin has openly declared himself on the side of those who oppose the nonwhite “refugee”-invasion of Europe, saying that Russia “likes” the position of “defend[ing] European identity.” Putin’s remarks are... Read more »

Jews “Won’t Go to Russia”

European Jews will not take up Vladimir Putin’s recent offer to take “refuge” in Russia, even though the Russian Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are Jews, Mikhail Skoblionok, a leading member... Read more »

Putin: Jews Can “Take Refuge” in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a formal invitation to the Jews of Europe to “take refuge” in Russia during a meeting with the executive committee of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) this... Read more »

Jewish NeoCons Confounded as Putin Starts to Crush ISIS

The Jewish Neocon conspiracy to destabilize the Middle East in order to reduce the threat to Israel has suffered a major setback with the unexpected Russian military intervention which now seems to... Read more »