Two scientific studies have definitively confirmed that genes determine brain size and intelligence—and that these are inherited traits, unaffected by environment. The studies—both published in major scientific journals—conclusively disprove the lies put out by the race-denying “environmentalists” who claim that all races are equal and that all people are born “blank slates.”

The dominance by blacks at the short-distance track events at the Rio Olympics has once again proven the reality of race and genetics over liberal postulations of “nurture.” The 100 meter race in particular demonstrated that Africans with ancestry in West Africa are genetically dominant at sprint racing.

Third World “refugees” flooding into Europe are sixty-six times more likely to suffer from psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia than Europeans, a new study has found.
As these diseases are genetic, this means that the nonwhite invasion is literally importing hundreds of thousands of mentally ill people into Europe.

An alliance of nonwhites and supporters of the Jewish socialist Bernie Sanders yesterday violently halted a planned Donald Trump rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Even though the controlled media has tried to blame Trump for the violence, video coverage of the events clearly shows that the peaceful meeting was violently attacked by the largely nonwhite crowd, many of whom were waving Mexican flags.

Black criminals have killed four people this year already while stealing straight hair weaves and products in Memphis, Tennessee—and now the crime wave has been blamed on “demons in the hair.”
The straight hair comes from India, the greatest source of straight black hair, used by almost all black females as they try and imitate white peoples’ hair in their attempt to look less Negroid.

The newswires were recently abuzz with a story that the winner of the South Pacific Island Miss Fiji competition, schoolgirl Torika Watters, has been subjected to a torrent of abuse by Fijians—because…

Scientists have announced that extensive studies have revealed that people “born and raised in a major urban area” have double the incidence of schizophrenia than non-city dwellers — but, in…

By John Bean. When the Human Genome Project was completed in 2000, it was widely touted that its result showed no genetic basis for race. In fact some scientists went…