Another Refugee-Terrorist Attack in Cologne Railway Station

A Syrian invader pretending to be a refugee in Germany today attacked a McDonald's fast food restaurant in Cologne railway station with a Molotov cocktail before taking a hostage in a pharmacy... Read more »

Netherlands: Nonwhite Invader-Terrorists had 100 kg of Fertilizer Ready for Bomb

The seven nonwhite invader terrorists arrested in the Netherlands yesterday after planning a mass shooting and bombing campaign in the country that gave them shelter, had over 100 kilograms of fertilizer stored... Read more »

Paris, France: Refugee-Terrorists Strike Twice in Knife Attacks

Nonwhites pretending to be refugees in Europe have carried out two knife attacks in central Paris over the last 24 hours, with one—a 30-year old Afghan—being found in possession of “child refugee”... Read more »

UK: Iraqi-Kurd Refugee-Terrorists Planned Car Bombing, Court Hears

Two Iraqi Kurds pretending to be refugees—one of whom had already been granted asylum and permanent residence in Britain—are currently on trial for preparing a car bombing in the UK in support... Read more »

Germany: Tunisian Invader’s Planned Ricin Terror Attack Aimed to Kill 1,000, Police Say

The ricin terrorist attack being planned by a Tunisian invader living in Cologne, Germany, was going to be twice as big as originally thought, and could have killed up to 1,000 people,... Read more »

Gambian “Asylum Seeker” Arrested in Italy for Planning ISIS Terror Attack

An African from The Gambia, pretending to be a “refugee” in Italy after invading Europe by boat across the Mediterranean in 2017, has been arrested by Italian security forces for planning an... Read more »

6 “Refugees”Arrested for Xmas Plot

Six more nonwhite terrorists—who were given residence in Germany as “refugees” during the mass invasion of Europe in 2015 and 2016—have been arrested after police cracked yet another planned Islamist terrorist attack... Read more »

Syrian Refugee-Terrorist Arrested in Germany, Planned Bombing

Yet another Syrian pretending to be a “refugee” has been arrested in Germany this week, this time in the city of Schwerin in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. According to German media reports,... Read more »

900 New Invader-Refugee Terrorist Cases in Germany in 2017

The flood of nonwhite invaders pouring into Germany pretending to be refugees has resulted in the opening of more than 900 new terrorism cases by German federal prosecutors, stretching that country’s legal... Read more »

Germany: Police Warn over Muslim Chemical Attack

In the latest nonwhite terrorist threat to hit Germany, the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA) has announced that Muslim terrorists are planning to use chemical weapons to poison drinking water supply... Read more »

Refugee-Terrorist Arrested for Berlin Bomb Plot

A 19-year-old Syrian pretending to be a refugee planned to bomb tourist buses in Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag parliament building, new evidence presented in court has revealed. Shaas... Read more »

“Moderate Rebel,” ISIS Terrorist-Refugees Arrested

Austrian police in Innsbruck have arrested a member of the Obama-backed “moderate” Free Syrian Army for mass-murder—at the same time that another ISIS refugee-terrorist was arrested in Salzburg. According to the STOL... Read more »

Another 5 ISIS Invader-Terrorists Arrested

German police have arrested yet another five nonwhite invaders living in Germany for links to ISIS—all of them legal immigrants with permanent residence, including one from Cameroon in Africa. The five were... Read more »

Germany: Mass Refugee-Terrorist Attack Averted

German police have carried out raids on 13 “asylum seeker” residences in Germany early on October 25, acting on intelligence which indicated that a major ISIS terrorist attack was being planned. Raids... Read more »

Böblingen: Refugee-Terrorist Arrested

German police have arrested yet another refugee-terrorist, this time in Baden-Wüttermberg, where he was hiding out in a “refugee center” in the district of Böblingen after entering Germany during the summer 2015... Read more »

Austria: Two Refugee-Terrorists Charged

Prosecutors in Austria have charged two more refugee-terrorists—a Moroccan and an Algerian—over their links to the November 2015 attack in Paris which killed 130 people. They are accused of helping other nonwhites extradited... Read more »

Europe’s Invader Passport Nightmare

Fake passports—for use by ISIS terrorists in Europe—have been discovered in “refugee” camps in Greece, just as news broke that thefts of British passports in Europe have doubled. The two phenomena—which are... Read more »

Refugee-Terrorist Arrested in Invader Center

Yet another refugee-terrorist has been arrested by German police after being discovered living in an invader center in Mutterstadt, Rhineland-Palatinate. The invader—a "high-ranking" ISIS fighter in Syria—applied for asylum in Germany in February... Read more »

Invader Terror Closes Down French Events

Nearly a dozen major outdoor events in France have been cancelled out of fear that nonwhite invader “immigrants” and refugee terrorists will use them to carry out more attacks like the one... Read more »

Refugee-Terrorists “Instructed by ISIS”

At least two of the refugee-terrorists who carried out attacks in Germany were receiving instructions via telephones registered in Saudi Arabia, German police have confirmed. Refugee-terrorists Riaz Khan Ahmadzai—the train ax attacker—and... Read more »

Portuguese Nationalists Demo against Invasion

About 50 activists from the Portuguese National Renovator Party (Partido Nacional Renovador, PNR) took part in a fake “ISIS beheading” demonstration against Islamism and the Third World invasion of Europe last Saturday.... Read more »

Refugee-Terrorists Boost FPÖ’s Hofer

The spate of refugee-terrorist attacks in Europe appear to have boosted the ratings of Austrian Freedom Party presidential candidate Norbert Hofer, with his lead widening to 4 percent, a new poll has... Read more »

Merkel Promises More “Refugees”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised to allow even more “refugees” into Germany despite the terrorist mayhem and socioeconomic catastrophe the mass Third World invasion has already caused. Speaking at a press conference... Read more »

Ansbach Bombing: Merkel’s Refugee-Terrorists Strike

The suicide bomb attack by a failed Syrian “asylum seeker” in Ansbach last night is the fourth refugee-terrorist attack in seven days, dramatically highlighting the full extent of Angela Merkel’s treason to... Read more »

“Migration = Terrorism:” Hungarian Govt.

The “migration wave” currently being experienced in Europe goes “hand in hand” with the spread of terrorism, the parliamentary leader of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has said. Speaking at a press conference... Read more »

Germany: Another Refugee-Terrorist Attack

The nonwhite Afghan terrorist who attacked commuters on a train in Bavaria invaded Germany in 2015 as an “unaccompanied minor” claiming to be a refugee, the Bavarian Interior Minister has confirmed. The... Read more »