Lincoln’s Real Policy on Blacks

Donald Trump’s claim that the Republican Party is the natural home of black voters because it is the party of Abraham Lincoln, is a perpetuation of the myth that Lincoln was favorable... Read more »

Trump: No Backtracking on Deportations

Donald Trump has not backtracked on his determination to deport all illegal immigrants currently in the U.S., contrary to news reports this week, one of his senior Hispanic campaign members has confirmed.... Read more »

Trump Threatens Independent Run

Donald Trump has threatened the Republican Party with an independent campaign should that party’s controlling body continue to use dirty tricks to deny him the nomination for president. “I signed a pledge,” Trump... Read more »

US Midterm Elections: “No Change” in Political Direction, says Ron Paul

Former Texas Congressman and famous US patriot Ron Paul has—accurately—predicted that there will be only a change for the worse in American foreign policy along with the Republican Party victory. Referring specifically... Read more »