Russia Steps in with $10 Million Aid to Palestinians after US Pulls Out

The Russian government has stepped in with a grant of $10 million in aid to Palestinian refugees ethnically cleansed from their land by Jews in Palestine, marking yet another step up by... Read more »

Russian Foreign Minister Dismisses “White South African Farmer Emigration” Myth with a Joke

The widely-publicized claim in some controlled media outlets—and rebroadcast by uniformed alternative media outlets—that Russia was going to offer refuge to thousands of white South African farmers, has been dismissed as nonsense... Read more »

Russia’s Chief Rabbi Slams Putin as Syria Gets S-300 Missiles

The Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berel Lazar, has denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to send the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system to Syria as a “mistake” and expressed the hope that Israel... Read more »

Russia’s S-300 Missiles: How Good are They?

Will the Russian deployment of its S-300 anti-aircraft missile batteries in Syria stop the Israelis from bombing its neighbor? According to most defence experts, the answer is yes—but at least one Israeli... Read more »

Russia Arms Syria with “Unbeatable” Missiles to Ward off Further Jewish Attacks

The Russian government has ordered the arming of Syria with new S-300 anti-aircraft missiles—which can shoot down all but the latest US “stealth” planes, and which will be deadly to Israeli F-15... Read more »

Russia: No Syrian “Asylum Seekers”—Because They Don’t Meet the Criteria of “Refugees”

The Russian government refuses to take in any Syrians claiming to be “refugees” because they quite correctly argue that most of the Middle Eastern state is safe and under control of the... Read more »

FBI’s Dud “Hacking Report”

The FBI’s “report on Russian hacking”—issued to “prove interference in the U.S. election”— is one of the most shocking instances of deliberate misdirection yet seen from the U.S. government and the controlled... Read more »

NBC News Morphs into the Onion

NBC News has completed its metamorphosis into a the Onion-style joke fake news outlet with its latest “revelation” that Russian president Vladimir Putin was “personally involved” in the hacking of U.S. Democratic... Read more »

“Russia & Trump”: More Fake News

A detailed study of claims by the controlled media that Russia “interfered” in the recent U.S. Presidential election shows that the allegations are completely devoid of any factual foundation—and are a perfect... Read more »

EU Claims Russia Supports “Far Right”

European Union leaders are going to discuss “intelligence” which they claim supports allegations that the Russian government helps “European far-right parties and movements.” The far-fetched claims form part of a large campaign... Read more »

War with Russia? No Chance, says Izvestia

There is no real prospect of a nuclear war between Russia and the West, prominent Russian newspaper Izvestia has declared. The pronouncement comes despite the ongoing war talk and never-ending controlled media... Read more »

Istanbul Terrorist Got “Asylum” in Austria

The Chechen Muslim terrorist named as masterminding the Istanbul airport attack was another refugee-terrorist who had been granted “asylum” in Austria, it has emerged. Tschatajew has been travelling the world for... Read more »

Istanbul Airport: Russia’s Muslim Terrorists

News that the three ISIS suicide bombers who killed 44 people in a gun and bomb attack at Istanbul Atatürk Airport are from Dagestan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan, has highlighted the fact that... Read more »

EU to Lift Sanctions against Belarus

The European Union will lift nearly all of its sanctions against Belarus, saying Minsk has managed to “improve its human rights record.” The EU said in a statement on Thursday that it... Read more »

“We like European Identity”—Putin

Russian president Vladimir Putin has openly declared himself on the side of those who oppose the nonwhite “refugee”-invasion of Europe, saying that Russia “likes” the position of “defend[ing] European identity.” Putin’s remarks are... Read more »

Jews “Won’t Go to Russia”

European Jews will not take up Vladimir Putin’s recent offer to take “refuge” in Russia, even though the Russian Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are Jews, Mikhail Skoblionok, a leading member... Read more »

Putin: Jews Can “Take Refuge” in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a formal invitation to the Jews of Europe to “take refuge” in Russia during a meeting with the executive committee of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) this... Read more »

White Refugees not Allowed in Germany

Genuine war refugees fleeing the conflict in the Ukraine have been denied asylum in Germany in 95 percent of cases (and will, from now on, all be refused that status)—while Angela Merkel’s... Read more »

Norway: Cyclist Invaders “Vanishing”

More than forty fake refugees who cycled their way into Norway—but were then issued with deportation orders—have vanished rather than be sent back to Russia, showing once again the inherent flaws in... Read more »

Europe Should Ally with Iran, Russia

The German government’s plan to send troops to fight ISIS in Syria is “reckless,” ignores the fact that terrorism is in Europe, and only support of Syria, Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah can... Read more »

Russia Accuses US of Deliberately “Bombing Desert”

The head of the Russian parliament’s international affairs committee, Alexei Pushkov, has accused the United States military of deliberately bombing the desert instead of hitting terrorist targets in Syria for the past... Read more »

Jewish Lobby Confounded: Israel’s Enemies in anti-ISIS War

The American Jewish lobby continues to be back-footed in their plans to destroy Syria with the news that ground forces from three of Israel’s fiercest opponents—Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah—have launched a major... Read more »