Italy: Media’s “Model” Town Which Welcomed Invaders Swings to Salvini

The town of Riace in southern Italy—which has, under its far-left mayor—been paraded as a “model” of integration and support for the African invasion of Europe—has voted in a new anti-invasion mayor... Read more »

Italy: Salvini Sets Sights on Taking over EU after his Alliance Wins Big in Italian Province

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has announced his intention to launch a major attempt to wrest control of the European Parliament away from the pro-Third World invasion bloc at that institution’s... Read more »

Salvini Denies Italian Invader Taxi Ship Landing in Italy after Signing Emergency Decree

In what must be a first in the world, Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini has banned an Italian-owned and registered invader taxi boat the Mare Jonio from landing in an Italian... Read more »

Italy’s Salvini Effect: 98% Drop in Invasion Figures Jan/Feb 2017–2019

The number of nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees landing in Italy for the first two months of 2019 has dropped to 262—from the 13,446 in the same period in 2017, a... Read more »

Italy Also Offers Land and Cash Incentives to Boost Birth Rate

Italy has become the second European nation to offer its nationals land and €200,000 interest free housing loans to boost their birth rate in a plan announced by the Lega Party ministers... Read more »

Huge Crowds Greet Italy’s Salvini as Support Continues to Rise

Huge crowds spontaneously greeted Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini during an appearance at a traditional religious observance in the central city of Viterbo yesterday, confirming opinion polls which said his party was... Read more »

Orbán, Salvini Form United Front for Euro Elections

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini have sealed the outlines of a trans-European Parliament election front designed to counter the pro-Third World invasion alliance led by... Read more »

Italy: Support for Salvini Rockets as African Invasion Drops over 95%—and Trickling to Complete Halt

Italy’s Lega leader Matteo Salvini is now that country’s most popular politician as news emerged that his anti-invasion policies have brought the African invasion down by more than 95 percent—and seems set to... Read more »

African Invaders Arrested after Mutiny on Rescue Ship in Mediterranean

67 Africans trying to invade Europe via the Mediterranean Sea have been landed and arrested in Italy after launching a mutiny and threatening their white rescuers with violence—because they thought they were... Read more »

Italy Local Elections: Lega Party Surges as Voters Support Halting of African Invasion

Italian voters have rallied to Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s Lega party in droves in Sunday’s national local elections, putting that party ahead even of its coalition partner in government. Preliminary results from the... Read more »

African Invasion Ship Aquarius Invited to Land in Spain

The invasion ship Aquarius—loaded with 629 Africans pretending to be refugees—has been offered landing rights in Spain by that country’s unelected crypto-communist prime minister—as yet another fake “charity” invasion ship has been... Read more »

Developing: Can Italian Govt. Stop “Rescue” Ship with 629 African Invaders from Landing?

In the first major test of his declared policy of halting the Third World invasion of Europe, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has refused permission for the fake “charity” ship the Aquarius... Read more »

Italy: Political Deadlock Broken as Lega Leader Salvini becomes Interior Minister

A new cabinet deal designed to circumvent the Italian president’s political deadlock has been hammered out and today a coalition between the Five Star Movement (M5s) and the Lega Party became that... Read more »

Italy: Political Crisis as Leftist President Subverts Democracy

The incumbent leftist President of Italy has provoked a renewed constitutional crisis because he hates the two populist parties who won the recent elections, and is using his powers to stymie attempts... Read more »

Italy: Attempt to Ban Mussolini Pictures Fails

An attempt by a Jew in the ruling far-left Italian “Democratic Party” (PD) to make the possession of pictures of Benito Mussolini has failed after that country’s parliament was dissolved without finalizing... Read more »

Trump Rudely Dumps Italy’s Salvini

Donald Trump has rudely dumped Italy’s Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini, saying he “never wanted to meet him” and “didn’t even know him”—only a few weeks after meeting and posing with the... Read more »

Invaders Riot over “Lack of Wi-Fi”

A group of ungrateful African invaders parasiting off the Italian taxpayers in northern Italy have rioted, emptying their trash into the streets in protest because they do not have free Wi-Fi and... Read more »