US DOJ Moves against Treasonous “Sanctuary Cities”

The US Department of Justice has sent a letter to 29 so-called “sanctuary jurisdictions”—that is, local authorities who actively aid the illegal Third World invasion of America—warning them that they are in... Read more »

US Govt. Will Publish Weekly List of Invader Crimes

The U.S. Government will start publishing weekly lists of crimes committed by illegal invaders inside America, establish an “Office for Victims of Crimes Committed by Removable Aliens” which will “provide quarterly reports... Read more »

America’s “Sanctuary Cities” to Lose Billions

Washington D.C.—America’s capital city—will lose at least 25 percent of its entire budget in in terms of President Donald Trump’s new Executive Order barring federal funds to cities which protect illegal invaders. Read more »

LA County to “Hide” Invaders

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has voted to “protect” the data and identities of the over one and half million illegal invaders in order to prevent them being deported by... Read more »

LAPD Chief: We Won’t Help Trump

The chief of police in Los Angeles has announced that his department will not help a Donald Trump administration enforce immigration laws, saying that the federal government will “have to do that... Read more »

800,000 Invaders with Criminal Records

There are in excess of 800,000 nonwhites living illegally but openly in the United States in “sanctuary cities”—and nearly 700,000 of these illegals have felony arrest records. There are now more than... Read more »