Iran: Yemeni Drone Attack on Saudi Oil Facility was “Legitimate Self-Defense”

The Yemeni army's drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities were “legitimate self-defense” and no-one can “expect them to remain silent when their country is destroyed,” the Iranian government has announced. Read more »

Saudi Arabia Has Arrested 3.4 Million Illegal Immigrants since November 2017

Saudi Arabia—whose rulers contributed at least $25 million to the pro-illegal immigration Clinton Foundation—has arrested at least 3.4 million illegal immigrants since November 2017, according to their Interior Ministry. Read more »

Turkey Issues Arrest Warrants for Top Saudi Officials over Khashoggi Murder

Turkey’s chief prosecutor has filed warrants for the arrest of a top aide to Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler and the deputy head of its foreign intelligence for planning the brutal murder... Read more »

Trump: “US Troops will Stay in the Middle East to Protect Israel”

American troops will stay in the Middle East indefinitely to protect Israel, despite the fact that other US concerns such as oil were no longer sufficient reason to retain a military presence... Read more »

Khashoggi Murder Reveals True Face of US/Israel’s Saudi “Ally”

The brutal murder of dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi by a hit team made of up Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman’s bodyguard unit, has revealed the true evil nature of this... Read more »

Yemen: Supply Lines Cut to Saudi/Israeli/US-backed Forces

The Iranian-backed Houthis Houthis fighting both the Saudi Arabian/Israeli/US-backed coalition and Al Qaeda in the ongoing war in Yemen Houthis have scored what looks to be a dramatic victory in the western... Read more »

Saudi Arabia Deporting 250,000 Africans

Saudi Arabia—the darling Arab nation of Israel, the US, the UK and numerous western governments—has rounded up at least 250,000 African invaders illegally in that country and is busy deporting them all... Read more »

Israel Orders Global Pro-Saudi Lobbying: Leaked Cable

The government of Israel has ordered all its embassies around the globe to lobby their host countries to support of Saudi Arabia and its efforts to destabilize Lebanon, a leaked diplomatic cable... Read more »

Saudi Arabia: 39K Pakistanis Deported for Immigration, Crime, Terror Offenses

The Saudi Arabian government has deported 39,000 Pakistanis back to Pakistan over the last four months because of immigration violations, criminal activity, and terrorist threats, and, since 2012, have deported over three-quarters... Read more »

Saudi Arabia Bans Transgenders

Saudi Arabia has formally banned “transgender” people from even visiting that country, a move coming on top of their long-standing ban on homosexuality and homosexual marriage. Despite this, the U.S. government and other... Read more »

Saudi Arabia’s Racial Immigration Laws

Hillary Clinton-supporting and ISIS-funding Saudi Arabia has announced a racially-based immigration policy which includes a rule that non-Saudis who marry Saudis will never gain citizenship and will always remain foreigners, as will... Read more »

Yemen: The Hidden War

The announcement that the U.S. is “scaling back” its involvement in the Yemen civil war has lifted the curtain on that bloody conflict, which has seen American and U.K. military intervention driven... Read more »

US-Syrian Weapons Sold on Black Market

US arms being supplied to Syrian “rebels” are being stolen and resold on the Jordanian black market, according to American and Jordanian intelligence officials. The taxpayer-funded weapons—part of the Obama regime’s plan to... Read more »

Syrians, Russians, Hezbollah, Take Palmyra

A combined force consisting of ground forces from Syria, Russia, and Lebanon’s Hezbollah, in conjunction with the Russian air force, have retaken the ancient city of Palmyra from the US-backed “rebels” in... Read more »

Saudi Police Trained to Find Witches

Saudi Arabia’s influential religious police have started training its new members on how to fight magic and arrest those involved in black art in the Gulf Kingdom, according to the Emirates 24/7... Read more »

ISIS is armed by US and its Allies

The Islamic State (ISIS) has almost exclusively been armed by the United States government and its allies—Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey—a new Amnesty International report has revealed. Titled Taking Stock: The Arming... Read more »

US Gives ISIS Airliner-killing Arms

The Obama regime is now supplying “rebels” in Syria with advanced hand-held weaponry capable of shooting down civilian airliners, US intelligence sources have admitted—an ominous development in the light of the downing... Read more »