Austrian police have identified six Afghan invaders pretending to be refugees and living in invader centers in the city, as some of the culprits for the sex attacks on white women during New Year’s Eve festivities in the city.

Third World invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany carried out at least 1,964 serious sex attacks in Germany during 2016, preying on 2,000 adults and 1,000 children, a new study by monitoring group XZ Einzefall has shown.

Third World invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany committed 142,500 serious crimes in the first six months of 2016—a rate of 23,750 per month, 780 per day, or 32.5 per hour. These crimes included at least 201 murders and attempted murders. The report also revealed that there were now a total of 1,314,158 officially registered “asylum seekers” in Germany.

Four recent brutal sex attacks by fake refugees in Europe—three in Germany, and one in Sweden—have again drawn attention to the ongoing invader rape plague which the nonwhite invasion has created.
The attacks—on a 19-year-old German girl, two Chinese students, and the gang rape of a 14-year-old boy—have been deliberately downplayed by the controlled media.

A new wave of nonwhite invader-refugee attacks upon whites has rocked Austria, and have included sex attacks and other assaults in Innsbruck, Mödling, and Kremsmuenster in Upper Austria. The ever-increasing refugee violence in Austria is expected to play a significant role in the outcome of the presidential election rerun set for December 4—in favor of the anti-invasion candidate, Norbert Hofer.

Nine nonwhite invaders claiming to be refugees were arrested this past weekend in Austria for a gang rape in Vienna of a German woman on New Year’s Day. The delay in arresting the criminals is thought to be a deliberate attempt to withhold the news during the earlier presidential elections.

The nonwhite invader rape crisis in Germany is now nationwide, “out of control,” and police are acting under political orders to hush it up to hide the truth, a new overview has revealed. The overview cites German media to show that “sexual violence in Germany has reached epidemic proportions.”

One of a number of nonwhite invader sex attackers in the Swedish town of Vimmerby told his victims that he “hated Sweden,” and was only there to “f*** Swedish girls and spend their money,” according to reports in the Dagens Vimmerby newspaper.

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be asylum seekers have carried out another group sex attack in Germany, this time attacking at least five girls aged between ten and 14 at a public swimming pool in Kirchheim.
Police identified all the attackers as “young men from asylum seeker circles” and of “Arab” appearance.

Yet another town in Austria, this time in Mistelbach, 60 miles north of Vienna, has banned all nonwhite invaders from using its public pool after a sex attack by an “asylum seeker.”
The latest attack saw the nonwhite follow a 13-year-old girl into the women’s changing rooms and sexually molest her.

The ongoing nonwhite invader crime rampage through Europe continues unabated—with the latest incident being the brutal rape of a four-year-old in Austria.
Like many other such cases, the nonwhite was given access to the child by her white liberal parents as part their support for “refugees” and “integration.”

Police in Vienna, Austria, have warned women with blonde hair to start dying it dark and avoid travelling on public transport at night to avoid being attacked by nonwhite invader “refugees.” This official “advice” was given to a girl—ironically herself a half-Iraqi—after she was attacked by four Afghans at the Westbahnhof station last week.

Sex attacks by nonwhite invaders upon German girls are set to increase even further with the advent of summer, a leading researcher and archivist of the thousands of the assaults has warned.
“If the perpetrators react this way to women in winter clothes, what will happen when they see short skirts and tank tops?” the researcher asked.

The Socialist Party of Germany (SPD)-ruled interior ministry of the German state of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) ordered police not to use the word “rape” when reporting sex attacks by nonwhite invaders. The deliberate censorship of the seriousness of the “refugee” sex crime plague which continues to sweep through Germany is the second such scandal.

The nonwhite invader rape plague which has cursed the Swedish town of Östersund forced the cancellation of the annual “Earth Hour” light switch off, Swedish TV has reported.
“Earth Hour” is a worldwide environmental initiative which calls on cities to switch off their public lighting for an hour to symbolically save fuel to fight “climate change.”

Around 130,000—or 13 percent—of all the nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany, and who were registered on that government’s “Easy” data system, have simply vanished without a trace. Making the admission in answer to a parliamentary question, a spokesman for the German Ministry of the Interior also said that the large number of “missing refugees” meant that they had “submerged into illegality.” Officials admitted that 13 percent of the 1.1 million invaders who were registered as “asylum seekers” in 2015 simply didn’t arrive at the center to which they had been assigned.

Nonwhite invaders in Europe are soon going to be sent to Norwegian-developed “anti-rape” classes where they will be asked if “violence is ever justified” and “how do you know if a woman is consenting to sex,” it has emerged.
The program, developed by a Norwegian company to “teach” nonwhite invaders not to rape white women, is being rolled out across Europe in the hope that it will combat their ongoing mass sex-attack plague.

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Two rapefugees—a Nigerian and an Afghani—have been arrested in two separate sex-attack rape incidents in Germany during the first day of the North West Rhine’s (NRW) famous street carnivals, police…