The True Story of Haiti—and the Mass Murder of Whites under Black Rule

The alleged description of Haiti as a “sh*t hole” by US Donald Trump makes it instructive to review the history of that Caribbean Island nation—and how its birth was bathed in blood... Read more »

African Slave Traders in Libya

Africans from Nigeria and Ghana—and not only Arabs—are actively running the slave trade in Libya, a former slave who escaped their clutches and fled back home, has revealed. Read more »

Lincoln’s Real Policy on Blacks

Donald Trump’s claim that the Republican Party is the natural home of black voters because it is the party of Abraham Lincoln, is a perpetuation of the myth that Lincoln was favorable... Read more »

Hidden Facts about Slavery in America

The first official slave owner in colonial America was a black man, not white; the Arab slave trade in Negroes was far greater and much longer lasting than the transatlantic slave trade;... Read more »