Slovak Nationalists Double Their Vote

By Francisco Mazzuco. In the March 5 general elections in Slovakia, both the hardline nationalists of the SNS (Slovenská národná strana, or Slovak National Party) and the ĽSNS (Ľudová strana—Naše Slovensko or... Read more »

Slovakia: Pro-Invasion Party Crashes

The only major political party in Slovakia to have supported the current nonwhite “refugee” invasion of Europe—the Christian Democratic Movement, KDH, has been swept from parliament in that country’s elections, losing all... Read more »

Visegrad 4 Set Stage for Merkel Showdown

The leaders of the Visegrad Four (V4) nations—Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, along with representatives from Macedonia and Bulgaria—have set the stage for an explosive clash with Germany by setting... Read more »

Eastern Europe Defends Civilization

Five eastern European nations—Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Slovenia—have emerged as the greatest modern defenders of European civilization by undertaking to deploy armed forces to protect the Macedonian border while... Read more »

Slovakia Files Suit at the European Court

In yet another severe blow to European Union unity, the government of Slovakia today made good on its promise to file a lawsuit against that organization’s leaders—saying that its demand that nonwhite... Read more »