Spain: 11 Bangladeshis Arrested Running Invasion Network from Indian Subcontinent to Europe via North Africa

Eleven Bangladeshis have been arrested by Spanish police in a swoop on a criminal organization which charged Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, and Bangladeshis €20,000 each to be transported from the Indian subcontinent... Read more »

Finnish Elections: Populists Creep Closer to Aim of Seizing Control of EU Parliament

The strong showing—and second place—of the Finns Party in Finland’s general election this past weekend has pushed the possibility of a populist takeover of the European Union a step closer, a development... Read more »

109,902 Invaders Land in Spain since January 2015: EU Tries to Stem Flow with Cash to Morocco

European Union and Moroccan officials have settled on a €140 million ($160 million) pointless “emergency funding package” to try and stem the tide of nonwhite invaders flooding into Spain, with at least... Read more »

10,000 “Unaccompanied Minors” Amongst Invaders in Spain, says Govt.

At least 10,000 nonwhites under the age of 18 are amongst the around 30,000 who have invaded Spain this year—and all of them will get Spanish citizenship, it has emerged. Read more »

Far-Left Seize Power in Spain as Ruling Coalition Collapses

Spain will have the most extreme far left government in Europe for at least the next 13 months—until new elections are held—after an unelected crypto-communist alliance seized power as the ruling coalition... Read more »

Spain: Madrid Suburb “Left in Ruins” after African Invaders Attack

Large gangs of African invaders in Spain left a Madrid suburb in the “ruins” this week after rioting following the heart attack death of one of their number which they claimed was... Read more »

4,000 African Invaders land in Spain in One Week

At least 4,000—and likely many more—African invaders have landed in Spain since November 9, with 461 arriving at the southern port of Cartagena on Saturday after being “rescued” from 44 different boats... Read more »

Spain: “Legal Immigrant” Terror Arrests

At least 50 legally-resident Third World invaders have been arrested for planning attacks on European beach holiday-makers in Spain—and two have been charged with financing ISIS in Syria. The arrests illustrate that... Read more »

Spanish Patriots Protest ISIS Mosque

Spanish patriots yesterday held a loud and visually spectacular anti-invader protest outside a large mosque in Madrid—previously exposed as an ISIS recruiting center—as part of a growing Europe-wide reaction against the Brussels... Read more »

Gypsy-African Riots in Spain

Christmas weekend riots between Gypsies and African invaders in the Spanish coastal city of Roquetas de Mar in Almería province, Andalusia, have highlighted the extent of the nonwhite invasion of Europe through... Read more »