Switzerland: “Immigrants” Can’t be Citizens if They use Welfare

Immigrants to Switzerland will be ineligible to apply for citizenship if they have used welfare in that country within the previous three years—unless they pay it all back, in terms of a... Read more »

Switzerland: 90% of Invaders “Vanish”

Up to 90 percent of nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees vanish after reporting to asylum centers in Switzerland, it has emerged. According to the document, in the St. Gallen Altstätten invader... Read more »

Italy’s New African Invasion Crisis

The closing of the Swiss border to the hordes of Africans pouring into Italy across the Mediterranean has sparked a new crisis for Italy—with at least 144,210 of them now “stranded” in... Read more »

Invaders: Forced Marriage in Switzerland

Nonwhite immigration to Switzerland has caused a surge in the number of forced marriages in that country, with at least 119 reported cases this year already. The Center of Competence against Forced... Read more »