Russia Warns Israel: Stop Bombing Syria

The Russian Foreign Ministry has issued an official warning to the Jews-only ethnostate of Israel to stop bombing Syria—while the Syrian government in turn warned that it would reserve the right to... Read more »

US Backs Israel’s Illegal Golan Heights Occupation; Syrians Find Two Israeli, US Arms Caches

In yet another example of the growing power of the right wing Jewish lobby over the Trump administration, the US has voted against a United Nations resolution condemning Israel for its continued... Read more »

ISIS-Aligned “White Helmets” Given “Asylum” in UK, Canada and Germany after Israel and Jordan Pass them Along

The government of Jordan has announced that a group of 279 so-called “White Helmet” activists—militants aligned with Takfiri terrorists and the launching of fake gas attacks in Syria—have left for “resettlement in... Read more »

Russia’s Chief Rabbi Slams Putin as Syria Gets S-300 Missiles

The Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berel Lazar, has denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to send the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system to Syria as a “mistake” and expressed the hope that Israel... Read more »

Russia: Israel “Criminally Negligent,” “Crossed Line of Civilized Relations” and Deliberately Lured Syrian Missiles to Shoot Down Russian Plane

Israel deliberately used the larger radar signature of a Russian air force IL-20 to lure Syrian anti-aircraft missiles to destroy that aircraft this past week, repeatedly lied over the incident, was “criminally... Read more »

Putin to Europe: Help Rebuild Syria so all “Refugees” Can Go Home

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the European Union to contribute financially to the estimated $250 billion needed to rebuild Syria so that the millions of “refugees” elsewhere can go home—because... Read more »

Jews Murder Syrian Scientist in New Middle East Terror Wave

Jews from the Israeli secret service Mossad  have murdered yet another Syrian scientist in their ongoing campaign of terror and violence in the Middle East with the car-bombing death of Dr. Aziz... Read more »

Syrian Army Shoots Down Israeli Missiles, Hits Israeli Aircraft

Syrian military air defenses hit an Israeli F-5 jet and shot down a number of missiles fired by the Jewish aggressors targeting the T4 air base in Homs province, the SUrian Arab... Read more »

OPCW Says No Nerve Agents used in Syria Attack: Trump and Others Lied to World

The world's chemical weapons watchdog has announced that no nerve agents or other phosphate chemicals were used in an April 7, 2018 incident in Douma, Syria—contrary to claims by US President Donald Trump... Read more »

Huge US Weapons Cache Found in al-Qaeda Base in “Rebel”-Held Syria

A huge US-supplied weapons cache has been found by Syrian army forces in an al-Qaeda base after the “moderate rebel” held northern town of Da’el in Daraa was taken this week, a... Read more »

Syria: New Move to Final Peace as Kurds Agree to “Unconditional Talks”

Syria has taken another step closer to ending the US-created terrorist war with the announcement by the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC)—representing the Syrian Kurd and Arab forces which controls 30 percent of... Read more »

Russia: No Evidence of Chemical Attack in Syria, Dismisses Media’s Lies

There is no evidence that a chemical attack of any sort occurred in Syria on April 7, 2018, and allegations in that regard part of a “dirty confrontation against Russia and Syria,... Read more »

Russian Spy Attack: West Blames Putin without Proof

The rush by the UK government and its allies to blame Russian president Vladimir Putin for the alleged nerve agent attack on a Russian spy traitor hiding in England, without producing any... Read more »

Russia: No Syrian “Asylum Seekers”—Because They Don’t Meet the Criteria of “Refugees”

The Russian government refuses to take in any Syrians claiming to be “refugees” because they quite correctly argue that most of the Middle Eastern state is safe and under control of the... Read more »

Syria Downs Israeli Missiles

Only day after announcing that it was forcibly expelling all Africans from its borders, Israel launched yet another bombing raid on anti-ISIS forces in Syria as part of the Jewish ethnostate’s ongoing... Read more »

Syria Forum Studies “Zio-US-Reactionary Arabs”

The Syrian government is hosting a forum to “confront the alliance between Zionism, the US and the reactionary Arab forces under Saudi leadership” in Damascus, held under the auspices of President Bashar... Read more »

Israel Attacks anti-Isis Forces in Syria—Again

The Israeli air force has once again launched a series of attacks on Syrian government-supporting anti-ISIS forces outside Damascus, and has threatened to “destroy Syrian air defense systems” if they dare to... Read more »

Half of Turkey’s Border Wall with Syria Finished

The Turkish government has completed more than half of its hundreds of miles long concrete anti-illegal invasion wall along its border with Syria, the head of the state-owned Housing Development Administration of... Read more »

Syria’s Assad Backs Trump Travel Ban

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has come out in support of U.S. President Donald Trump’s travel ban, saying that it is justified to prevent terrorists infiltrating the West. “I think Trump's goal is... Read more »

Amnesty International’s “Syria Report” Made-up Nonsense

The latest Amnesty International “report on Syria” which claims that that country’s government has “exterminated” 13,000 people at one prison, is made-up nonsense based on ridiculous extrapolations from anonymous claims—and admits that... Read more »

Thousands Return to Liberated Aleppo

Thousands of Syrians have started returning to resume their lives in the now-liberated city of Aleppo, giving lie to controlled Western media claims that the Syrian government was responsible for driving them... Read more »

Merry Christmas from Liberated Aleppo

The Syrian city of Aleppo—newly liberated after nearly five years of occupation by Barack Obama’s "moderate rebels"—has marked its newly-found secular freedom by erecting Christmas trees in public squares and reopening its... Read more »

Aleppo: Syrian Army Cuts Rebels in Two

Syrian government forces have split the U.S.-backed Islamist terrorist forces in Aleppo into two, marking the latest development in their campaign to recapture Syria’s largest city by the end of the year.... Read more »

“It’s Better back Home”: Invaders in Greece

The ongoing refugee hoax has been definitively exposed with the news that thousands of Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, and Iranians have returned home—because they don’t want to stay in Greece. At least 4,000... Read more »

ISIS Defeat Looms Large

The defeat of the ISIS mass-murdering Islamic Caliphate draws ever closer—thanks to the Russian air force and the ground forces of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, much to the anger of the of... Read more »

Yemen: The Hidden War

The announcement that the U.S. is “scaling back” its involvement in the Yemen civil war has lifted the curtain on that bloody conflict, which has seen American and U.K. military intervention driven... Read more »