Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has come out in support of U.S. President Donald Trump’s travel ban, saying that it is justified to prevent terrorists infiltrating the West. “I think Trump’s goal is to prevent these people from coming,” he said.

Thousands of Syrians have started returning to resume their lives in the now-liberated city of Aleppo, giving lie to controlled Western media claims that the Syrian government was responsible for driving them out—and showing that there are increasingly fewer reasons for Syrians to be claiming “asylum” in Europe.

The fall of Aleppo to government forces has destroyed the terrorists’ chances of taking over Syria and has made it even more clear that the Syrians posing as refugees in Europe can be sent home. The Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, and his Austrian counterpart Hans Peter Doskozil, both announced this week that they were in favor of all the “refugees” being sent back to Syria.

Israel has launched another devastating airstrike in Damascus in a desperate attempt to thwart the final defeat of the terrorist “rebels” in the Syrian city of Aleppo. The latest Israeli attack took place on an airport in Damascus near Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s personal home on Wednesday morning.

The Israeli air force has bombed a town on the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus used as a transit point for the Lebanese Hezbollah group—part of the military alliance fighting ISIS. The Syrians are unable to retaliate because they cannot afford a second front against the Jewish ethnostate while still fighting ISIS.

Syrian government forces have split the U.S.-backed Islamist terrorist forces in Aleppo into two, marking the latest development in their campaign to recapture Syria’s largest city by the end of the year. Bashar Al-Assad’s forces are backed by the Russian air force, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Iranian and Iraqi army units, Palestinian Al-Quds and Fatah brigades—and are in alliance with Kurdish armed forces.

The ongoing refugee hoax has been definitively exposed with the news that thousands of Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, and Iranians have returned home—because they don’t want to stay in Greece. At least 4,000 invaders have been shipped back from Greece by the United Nations—proving that there was no need for them to “flee” in the first place.

The defeat of the ISIS mass-murdering Islamic Caliphate draws ever closer—thanks to the Russian air force and the ground forces of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, much to the anger of the of the terrorist-supporting British and U.S. regimes. The fighting to liberate Aleppo from ISIS and its U.S.-backed “moderate” Free Syrian Army terrorists is increasing, while in Iraq, the fall of Mosul appears imminent because ISIS is struggling to maintain its two fronts.

Yet more evidence that the “asylum” invasion of Europe is bogus has emerged with the news that the refugee-terrorist Jaber al-Bakr was in Syria just two months ago, despite having been given “asylum” in Germany. The details of al-Bakr’s movements—going back to the country he supposedly “fled from in fear of his life”—demonstrate that there is no justification for “asylum seekers,” even from Syria.

U.S. President Barack Obama, French president François Hollande, and German chancellor Angela Merkel have engaged in “massive lies” over Syria to the point where everything they say is untrue, one of Lebanon’s most famous filmmakers-in-exile has said. Writing on his Facebook page, Imad Karim—who left Lebanon for Germany in 1977, and carved out a career as a leading journalist and movie-maker in that country—said that the lies over Syria are a “silent crime.”

Not content with arming ISIS, the U.S. military last week openly attacked the Syrian army in an airstrike, allowing ISIS forces to seize an important Syrian army position near the Deir al-Zor airport. The U.S. said the attack, which killed 90 Syrian soldiers, was a “mistake”—something that is highly unlikely, given modern satellite, drone, and on-board radar surveillance technologies.

A top-secret German intelligence report, accidentally leaked to the public, has described Turkey as a “platform” for Islamists, and revealed that country’s official support for the ISIS-aligned Al Nusra Front in Syria. In addition, the report said there was an “ideological affinity” between the Turkish government and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

The controlled media is cheering on a “rebel” advance against Syrian government forces in the ongoing Battle of Aleppo—ignoring the fact that the “rebels” are made up of the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda and other ISIS-aligned Islamists. The media’s hatred of the elected Syrian government is such that almost none even mention the fact that the advancing “rebels” are merely Al-Nusra-affiliates under a new name.

The Obama administration has given “immediate temporary amnesty” to over 8,000 “Syrians” currently in America, citing the “ongoing war which poses a serious threat to their safety”—ignoring the fact that the U.S. support for the “rebels” is one of the single biggest causes of that war.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan has announced that Turkey will soon offer Turkish citizenship to the 2.7 million displaced Syrians living in that country.
Should Turkey join the EU, these “new Turkish citizens” will be able to move to Europe without even pretending to be refugees.

A newly-released Hilary Clinton email confirmed that the Obama administration has deliberately provoked the civil war in Syria as the “best way to help Israel.”
In an indication of her murderous and psychopathic nature, Clinton also wrote that it was the “right thing” to personally threaten Bashar Assad’s family with death.

The Iranian government has confirmed that it has suffered “heavy casualities” of at least 700 dead from its ground forces fighting ISIS near the Syrian city of Aleppo. Contrary to Western propaganda, only the armed forces of Iran, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Russia, and the Syrian government, are actually fighting ISIS on the ground.

The US State Department is bringing an average of 1,500 “Syrian refugees” to America every month in order to meet President Barack Obama’s target of settling 10,000 in the country by September. The program will see 600 “refugees” being interviewed every day—even though it is obvious that with those numbers, any sort of reasonable check will be impossible.

The US government is still supplying Syrian “rebels” with millions of dollars of weapons even though that government supposedly brokered a cease fire in February. The latest shipment of arms—supposed to be secret—was revealed in a new article in the famous Jane’s Defence Weekly, and showed that the Central Intelligence Agency is still delivering thousands of tons of weapons to “rebels” linked to ISIS.