Israeli Baby-Killing Attack on Syrian Civilians Condemned by Russia, International Human Rights Committee

The government of Russia, the International Human Rights Committee, and the Arbishop of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem have joined in the condemnation of the latest Israeli missile bombardment of civilians... Read more »

Russia Warns Israel: Stop Bombing Syria

The Russian Foreign Ministry has issued an official warning to the Jews-only ethnostate of Israel to stop bombing Syria—while the Syrian government in turn warned that it would reserve the right to... Read more »

“Moderate” Rebels Carry out New Chlorine Gas Attack in Syria: Russian Airforce Strikes Back

“Moderate rebels” in Syria carried out another chlorine gas attack in Syria over the past weekend, hoping that the Syrian government would be blamed—but were instead met with a devastating airstrike from... Read more »

US Backs Israel’s Illegal Golan Heights Occupation; Syrians Find Two Israeli, US Arms Caches

In yet another example of the growing power of the right wing Jewish lobby over the Trump administration, the US has voted against a United Nations resolution condemning Israel for its continued... Read more »

Damascus: Syrian National Museum Reopens as Life Returns to Normal

The Syrian National Museum in Damascus—home to many priceless artifacts dating back millennia—has been reopened as the seven year-long US, EU, Saudi, Israeli, and Turkish-backed terrorist war against that country comes to... Read more »

Syria: New Move to Final Peace as Kurds Agree to “Unconditional Talks”

Syria has taken another step closer to ending the US-created terrorist war with the announcement by the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC)—representing the Syrian Kurd and Arab forces which controls 30 percent of... Read more »

Israeli-Supplied Weapons Seized from Syrian “Rebels” in Damascus: Video

Thousands of Israeli-made landmines were found in a large weapons cache handed over by US-backed terrorist “rebels” in southern Damascus after they took part in an evacuation deal to the north, confirming... Read more »

Syria Discovers “Moderate Rebel” Chemical Weapons Factory

The Syrian army has uncovered a US-rebel backed chemical weapons factory in Eastern Ghouta, the territory taken this week by the government from the “moderate” rebels—at exactly the same time that the... Read more »

Russians Suggest Israel-made Drones Attacked its Bases in Syria

The swarm of heavily-armed drones which were recently used to launch a mass attack on the Russian Hemeimeem air base naval facility in the port of Tartus in Syria were made by... Read more »

Syrian Govt: “Refugees” Can Come Home Now

The Syrian government has announced all of its nationals outside that country who fled as “refugees” can now return home as peace returns to that nation following the crushing of the US-backed... Read more »

Israel Bombs Damascus for 100th Time

Israel bombed Damascus three times yesterday—while the Syrian government announced an major rebuilding program in liberated Aleppo—and started closing in on the last US-backed  Islamist terrorist base in Idlib province. Read more »

Merry Christmas from Liberated Aleppo

Christians in liberated Aleppo, Syria, have celebrated their first full year of freedom from the US, UK, and other western nation-backed “moderate rebels” with their first full Christmas celebrations since the Syrian... Read more »

ISIS Caliphate in Death Throes as Syria Warns Israel

With the final military defeat of ISIS now just a matter of days away, Syria has now finally warned Israel to stop its terror raids and bombing of Syrian civilians, that country’s... Read more »

“2nd ISIS Emerges:” Recruits from Europe

A second ISIS—made up of Muslims fleeing the collapsing Caliphate state in Syria and bolstered by recruits from Europe—is emerging along the Turkish border, a journalist former captive of the terrorists has... Read more »

Israel Attacks anti-Isis Forces in Syria—Again

The Israeli air force has once again launched a series of attacks on Syrian government-supporting anti-ISIS forces outside Damascus, and has threatened to “destroy Syrian air defense systems” if they dare to... Read more »

Half of Turkey’s Border Wall with Syria Finished

The Turkish government has completed more than half of its hundreds of miles long concrete anti-illegal invasion wall along its border with Syria, the head of the state-owned Housing Development Administration of... Read more »

Syria’s Assad Backs Trump Travel Ban

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has come out in support of U.S. President Donald Trump’s travel ban, saying that it is justified to prevent terrorists infiltrating the West. “I think Trump's goal is... Read more »

Amnesty International’s “Syria Report” Made-up Nonsense

The latest Amnesty International “report on Syria” which claims that that country’s government has “exterminated” 13,000 people at one prison, is made-up nonsense based on ridiculous extrapolations from anonymous claims—and admits that... Read more »

Thousands Return to Liberated Aleppo

Thousands of Syrians have started returning to resume their lives in the now-liberated city of Aleppo, giving lie to controlled Western media claims that the Syrian government was responsible for driving them... Read more »

Aleppo Falls: Syrian “Refugees” Can be Sent Back

The fall of Aleppo to government forces has destroyed the terrorists’ chances of taking over Syria and has made it even more clear that the Syrians posing as refugees in Europe can... Read more »

Israeli Attack as Aleppo End-Game Nears

Israel has launched another devastating airstrike in Damascus in a desperate attempt to thwart the final defeat of the terrorist “rebels” in the Syrian city of Aleppo. The latest Israeli attack took... Read more »

Israel Bombs anti-ISIS Forces in Syria

The Israeli air force has bombed a town on the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus used as a transit point for the Lebanese Hezbollah group—part of the military alliance fighting ISIS.... Read more »

Aleppo: Syrian Army Cuts Rebels in Two

Syrian government forces have split the U.S.-backed Islamist terrorist forces in Aleppo into two, marking the latest development in their campaign to recapture Syria’s largest city by the end of the year.... Read more »

“It’s Better back Home”: Invaders in Greece

The ongoing refugee hoax has been definitively exposed with the news that thousands of Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, and Iranians have returned home—because they don’t want to stay in Greece. At least 4,000... Read more »

ISIS Defeat Looms Large

The defeat of the ISIS mass-murdering Islamic Caliphate draws ever closer—thanks to the Russian air force and the ground forces of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, much to the anger of the of... Read more »

Refugee-Terrorist Was in Syria 2 Months Ago

Yet more evidence that the “asylum” invasion of Europe is bogus has emerged with the news that the refugee-terrorist Jaber al-Bakr was in Syria just two months ago, despite having been given... Read more »